Joe Rogan Experience #1134 – Kyle Dunnigan

Kyle Dunnigan is a writer, actor and comedian. Check out his hilarious Instagram page:

22 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1134 – Kyle Dunnigan

  1. I've heared Joe talk about how few people it took to create the actual population. But i think it's the mitochondrial dna analysis, that showed, that the hole humanity can be traced back to only one female ancestor.

  2. So just because Joe grew up with gays, pot, mushrooms and witnessing a bigoted dad we have to accept LGBTQPIA+, legalize drugs and yet believe people like Bruce "Katlyn" Genner are mentally ill because they disagree with you and you choose not to listen or understand them then F-CK YOU, YOU F-CKING HYPOCRITICAL A$$HOLE!!! it's not for OUR benefit we tell people the truth. There have been tons of people who say it's just easier being liberal and not having principles and just making excuses why something should be a certain way. It's for us we have to tell people that even if scientifically their brain tells them they're gay doesn't change reality, that your brain can tell you a lot of things doesn't mean it's always right, and in this case biologically it's not right. And arguing their brains are different certainly doesn't help your case because that legitimizes a slew of other things including pedophilia, and the left says people were wrong for comparing it to that. Well, if we're going off of brain study no it's not! And in fact you can compare it to tons of other things including rendering it an illness or disorder. Just face the facts you guys have lost. No, noone cares if you're gay, but I'm not a bigot for just pointing out that it's not only not natural, but just because you feel or think in such a way doesn't make it right. The left is eventually going to lose on near every issue, so you keep pushing to the left dumba$$. It'll just prove how much a dumba$$ you guys were for history.

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