Joe Rogan Experience #1137 – Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1137 – Duncan Trussell

  1. If you think socialism is so great than move to France or Canada and see what happens to your 25 million Joe Rogan. You made what you have because of capitalism, under socialism you’d be bitching about how much the government would be stealing from you…

  2. Lol funny thing is yesterday Trump ended the seperation of kids and reunited them (because he the peoples leader and will listen to the country he server) and not a mother fuckin peep from the media or any of these little pussies runnin around crying everyday.

  3. Oh my goodness! Aside from The Incredible podcast with Duncan as always. My most favorite guest on your podcast. It was so exciting to hear he's going to be a Dad!!!! Congratulations Duncan!!! and I thought you were already filled with so much love! I cannot wait to see the transformation once you bring another being into the universe!

  4. Joe appears to be stuck in the conception that the hormonal rollercoaster cycle of sexual activity is what is the normal state. Whack off 2-3x/day for 10 days and decrease your testosterone for 5 months (a study). One orgasm can affect you for at least 2 weeks (post-whack hormonal ups and downs, cravings). He's describing being in that craving cycle and how you have to have sex again to get rid of the craving… but as he says it, to clear your head so you won't screw someone you don't really care about. That's just responding to the hormonal cycles in an addictive way. He should talk to the guy who wrote "your brain on porn" (??Wilson??) or the woman who wrote "Cupid's Poison Arrow" (maybe that guys wife). They've really nailed this hormonal cycle and how to work around it to have a really truly satisfying sexual life. It's bigger than psychedelics.

  5. Joe says plenty of shit that I disagree with but I have to take a stand on his opinion of Mac keyboards. They're WORLDS better than the Fisher-Price keyboards on Windows machines. Typing on a Windows keyboard is like trying to run in three feet of snow. How are you supposed to type quickly when every key stroke requires 10 inches of travel. Don't even get me started on the placement of the control key. Performing shortcuts on a Windows keyboard is a nightmare.

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