Joe Rogan Experience #883 – Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His latest movie “Yoga Hosers” is now available on Netflix.

31 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #883 – Kevin Smith

  1. Universal basic income was tried in a village in Canada in the 1970s and was an overwhelming success. A lot of new businesses were started, and their economy boomed.

  2. The creator of Family guy has a space show on Hulu where they did an episode about no governments where the whole world votes instead of a president and Congress system. It was a total failure because media and Facebook controlled the vote. Watch it Joe it's a really cool idea and episode lol

  3. damn ive always tried likeing kevin… obviously loved silentbob etc.. but everytime i listen to him on a podcast he just goes on about the most boring stuff.. its so shallow… best example is 53:30 `where he goes like wow u ask those things and i ask like whats that guy who played a guy wizard` …….

  4. Can you please get diversity and comics, geeks and gamers, and comicsartistpro onto your show? Ethan has raised 300 thousand dollars and i think it would be a great interview!!

  5. Show idea: Cooking With J. Rogan – "For this dish, we need some crushed almonds, but keep in mind that the more almonds you use, the more you're fueling deforestation and extinction of species around the world. Next, we need some regular bread flour, try to get it from a source not tainted by government sponsored pesticide companies, if you can. Next we need some red honey from Nepal, to give the pastry it's delicious kick AND psychedelic hallucinations… Prepare and serve to guests in a fine tray of your choice! :-D"

  6. So if everyone has their basic needs paid for with this $12,000 a year then who is doing all the mundane jobs that keep the world going? Who is stocking shelves at Walmart so I can buy groceries? Who is getting the food to the store etc? Who is making gasoline and getting it to the gas station so I can even drive to the grocery store? I’m a fan of Rogan and his podcast but this theory of his is deeply flawed lol

  7. I love that you guys "get" Lyme disease… Even most doctors don't have a f@cking clue. Just so y'all know (& your viewers): the tests for Lyme are CRAZY inaccurate (like 50% at best), only 25% of people ever see a tick, only 25% of people have a bullseye. Also, there are studies out of Germany showing that Lyme can be transmitted sexually, & also by mosquitos (no word on sex with mosquitos, but who the f@ck does that?)… Also, lyme can mimic hundreds of diseases (as Joe eluded to). Anyway, thanks for spreading awareness — it's SO needed. p.s. misdiagnosed for over 25 years, you can imagine what a shitshow it's been!!!

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