JRE MMA Show #26 with Big John McCarthy

Joe sits down with Big John McCarthy to discuss MMA history.

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  1. I would argue the ban on 12-6 with the repetition potential. If you have someone down and not defending, you can potentially do lots of lasting dmg with 12-6 elbows to the face (though this is where refs would hopefuylly come in.) A heel kick etc. you can't really do repetitively to the face. Just my 2 cents on the topic.

  2. So basically back in the day there were rules but really the ref was there just to make it seem professional for the for the athletic Commission. On a another note Royce Gracie was smaller than Rickson Gracie that's why Royce was the one to prove it was the most effective style at the Time and only style that truely made size not matter

  3. Without big john this ufc, mma shit would not exist…lol. This guy thanks hes the shit, and has all the answers. Everyone else is lying my way is how it really happened. I u guarantee everyone that knows him secretly laugh at him behind his back. We all have a buddy like this dude

  4. Joe's so surprised to find out Ryrion exagerrate sshit.
    The Gracies lie about things all the time. It's funny how you can say 'i donmt like when people try to rewrite history' and 'Royce is great' in the same hour. They lie and cheat all the time. When Rlyce fought Yoshida for example and Yoshida beat him fair and square what did Royce do? He cried to the ref, demanded a change in decision to draw and a rematch. What did he do in the rematch? He kicked and punched Yoshida in the balls, wouldn't stop pulling his hair, greased himself in oil and was quite likely on steroids too – then he wins on points and is suddenly somehow better? Sure he won the UFCs, but who were his opponents? Rufus and Dofus and a boxer who didn't really care because he had more important fights coming up.
    Oh but that's just Royde, let's go back and look at master Helio when he fought the Japanese. Let's ignore for a moment that every single BJJ professor and Gracie family member have completely different accounts of what happened, let's just go back to what they say and compare it to what really happened.
    Rener says that Helio challenged Masahiko Kimura because he was the best japanese jujutsu practitioner ever. Not true, Kimura practised judo, and so did Helio everyone still knew him as sixth dan judo master Helio. Helio didn't challenge Kimura, he challenged Kimura's attendant, there were two. He challenged the lower ranked, Kato who was ranked fifth dan. So Helio's higher ranked in judo and supposedly a god of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Kato threw Helio around forever, convenient how there were soft mats. First rule of self defense: getting slammed on the floor's fine because concrete's just like bouncy canvas. He was also mounted, outplayed even in groundwork. He fluked a cross choke from the bottom of mount, a sign of complete desperation. They also say that Helio told the ref Kato was out cold, not true again. Kimura saw Kato go blue and ran onto the mat and stopped the fight.
    They also say Helio was humble. But his students apraded a coffin round the streets of Brazil saying 'dead Kato is in this casket, Helio killed him!'
    Helio then challenged Kimura right, i mean that's what everyone says? No, he challenged hisnother attendent Yamaguchi.
    Kimura instead opted to replace Yamaguchi. Ah so Helio then fought him right? Wrong again, he started a campaign to claim that Kimura was actually Cambodian and that he won't fight a 'fake Japanese'.
    Kimura worked his ass off just to get to fight Helio, who supposedly challenged Kimura. It's ok though because Helio was a humble man, as Rener also says Helio claimed himself that he didn't expect to win. But wait, there was another casket there, a man said 'master Helio brought this in, he will put Kimura in it after he kills him' – what a humble old man.
    Kimura destroyed Helio with technique. But no one will admit that, they'd rather say Kimura muscled him around, because as we all know who knows more about judo: a man who spars 3 hours a day and does 300 practice throws against a tree. Or a load of Brasilians who've never taken a judo class in their life but think they invented Ju no Ri?
    Kimura then defeated Helio, which is about the only truthful thing the Gracies have said since they made BJJ. But then they decide suddenly jiu jitsu isn't designed to beat bigger opponents, so they say Kimura just won because he's big. Again, because some Brazilians who pick on weaker opponents to promote their family's product would know more than the 500 year histlry of Jujutsu, and the 50ish years of judo, wherein a man no taller than Helio could lift and control very large opponents with ease. The difference between these two men is that one didn't start a family claiming to be the Buddha's son Jesus the god of War.

    I say this story not to degrade BJJ, i love the art and train it. Nor do i intend to insult all the Gracie members, or claim that they're not skilled. What i mean when i say this story is that they exagerrate, especially on Helio's side, and they're sore losers. Credit where credit's due, they've done mountains for martial arts, but they're not the invincible gods they claim to be – they are human, and they do lie. They deserve to make some momey fo their product, it's great, but they milk their reputation for every drop they can get.

    I find it annoying how joe, and there are certainly others who do similar things, will question everything if it goes against his prior beliefs. No matter how reasonable or how backed up the claims are joe'll always go 'yeah but how'd you know?'. But then as soon as Eddie Bravo says some absolute bollocks based off one documentary he saw on youtube which has no citations at all, and says that the truth is decided by whether or not you fhoose to believe it, he goes 'oh okay'. Similarly as soon as someone says 'gracie lied' he's like 'nuh uh, they're demigods'

  5. As a judo and bjj player with back problems. Scoliosis, i have a 36 and 42 degree curve in my spine. If you're gonna list good contraptions to help your back deal with any movement, even more so bbj or judo things lets put a link to them. I realize they probably cost a damn fortune, but instead of my options being work out in basement from home cause I got back issues and both shoulders separated I could be out making friends, getting choked out and going on with life. No, it isn't your fault I don't know about these things. That said you found them, know of them, so toss a link.

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