JRE MMA Show #28 with Georges St-Pierre

Joe is joined by Georges St-Pierre discuss fighting and more.

20 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #28 with Georges St-Pierre

  1. Never delved too far in MMA and never really watch any of the MMA shows.
    This was one of the most enjoyable podcasts I have seen tbh. What a genuine guy, very motivating.

  2. I'm glad & surprised rogan didn't fuck the interview up with his weird drug topics or generally questioned gsp with" how do you knows or i disagree" to avoid looking like the wrong one . I really enjoyed george talk, a true class act & a great model for future upcomers. A true gentlemen

  3. Awesome knowledge, fasting, working out an Joe Rogans Kick summarizing the information with an explaination point!!! You kick healthy information, dialogue an info. The best.

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