JRE MMA Show #32 with Firas Zahabi

Joe sits down with the head coach of Tristar Gym, Firas Zahabi.

49 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #32 with Firas Zahabi

  1. Is this really what philosophy is about? Playing with whether or not something exists based on nomenclature? An object's existence is not subjective just because we give it a description and a name understood by most humans. Either Firas is not understanding the philosophy, or it's pretty dumb.

  2. A lot of people commenting on the 1+1=2 idea Firas got onto. My Lecturer explained science papers as 'humanities best answer so far' which pretty much sums up what it really is.

  3. That Firas he needs to watch this back and listen to himself he thinks he nows everything. Dont get me wrong joe rogen thinks hes right all the time when its just that steriod imagination of his

  4. Firas is the best coach ever. Look how hes such a good guy in adapting things always to the skills/genetics from his trainee.No dogmas just loooking for wise ways of seeing things.Not trying to extra fatigue for faster performance but adding skill to make your performance more effective.This is a gold podcast!Thanks Joe.

  5. The first 2/3rd's are okay, smart conversation about human body and stuff but the last part then Firas talks about science… Imma post some links so u can know what he is talking about:
    blue is solid matter (ice), green is liquid (water) and yellow is gas. The upwards and downwards is pressure, , left and right is temperature. You can even have 350'C ICE with 1.000.000 Earth gravity. Firas was talking about this as its Woo…its SCIENCE.

    And then he asks Joe to pick one force and he can proove its Woo. Joe picks Temperature, Firas says we have no idea what is temperature and Joe agrees, Jamie sitting behind the show you should google this shit out its not really hard. Temperature is the speed that the molecules are moving. Jesus , its like common knowlage in Poland.

    PS The beggining and middle was great, i really learned a lot but the last part was just like stoner talk.

  6. All science is "wooo" because all of our facts and observations are limited by our capacities and capabilities to make observations and ability to calculate. There could for instance be a 7th dimension that we are currently unaware of that is actually impacting every single thing happening in the universe, but because of our limited ability to oversve/calculate this dimension that we are currntly unavailable to perceive, current science and observations are PURE woo, they are just our best hypothesis given our current capabilties and capacities to observe and understand. Almost all breakthroughs in science, are at the same time, disproving a past believe because we have gained a new level of observation and a new capacity to observe. The 1st accepted proven theory while correct at the time, was only correct TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE. While it was accepted to be true at the time, given the limitations of science of the time. EVERY SINGLE "FACT" in science, is nothing but a theory/best guess given the scientific and observational limitations. There have been thousands of scientific facts, disproven as our limitations have become lesser. For all we know, all of our current facts are nothing but incorrect theories, awaiting for us to be capable of obersving or finding new information that proves that theory false. Exactly what Einstein's gravity didto Newton's gravity. With new levels and capabilities of observation, he was able tp prove that Newton was wrong. AS FAR AS WE KNOW, someone might one day become aware of more information and will be able to disprove Einstein's rules and theory of gravity. This is why ALL SCIENTIFIC FACTS, as far as we know, can ONLY be at best a hypothesis. And our hypothesis are just the most informed guess we have at the current time with our current scientific and observational limitations.

  7. Joe doesn't have the philosophical training to keep up with Zahabi in the last hour of this podcast. Zahabi is engaging in thought experiments and Joe keeps dragging it back to what's empirical truth. That's not what Zahabi is talking about. I also feel Joe wasn't prepared for Zahabi to venture into some deep philosophical theory — it was all well and good when it came to fighting and training in which Joe's comfortable but as soon as it go deep Joe seemed to treat Zahabi the same way he tends to treat any guest who he deems isn't an expert in the field. (which seems unfair given Zahabi seems very knowledge and articulate on the subject).

  8. I think Firas is confusing the theory of the force of gravity and the idea of Newtons 3rd law of motion as the same thing, gravity can be a force which can be a component in an example in Newton's 3rd law but I don't know if you can say they are conflicting ideas that "debunk" each other.

  9. Hour 3 on philosophy was intense! but even before that there was so much good stuff that made me rethink how I train and live awesome stuff he should definitely come back again!

  10. Everyone getting all defense for the sake of science. It's really funny to watch. Lol. Science is the new religion. And what's to come after science, we'll have to wait and see.

  11. I ordered a Tim Tam after watching this, it took a month to finally receive it and after 30 seconds it stopped working. Talk about the ultimate dissapointment. After doing some now reading it turns out this is a common problem.

  12. I just struggle when a scientist explains science in the most scientific ways, and throws a "that's God" in here. To me the guy isn't credible. The concept of God is the complete opposite of science.

    Definition of science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
    Where would "God" fit? Nowhere.

    And he is wrong about water. Water boils at 100°C. That's it. A degree isn't something physical. It's a way of measurement humans invented, and they decided that 0°C would be the temperature water freezes, and 100°C is the temperature water boils. So water boils at 100°C. And now is justification about the contrary talks about putting water in an other liquid? Then it's not water anymore. As simple as that. It's not that water boils at 100°C, it's that we decided that 100°C was the point at which water boils, as a reference.

  13. That’s NOT SCIENCE btw… “SCIENCE “ is a methodology for testing facts. Another multiple traumatic brain injured patient who all of a sudden turns into Einstein at middle age even tho he’s only ever actually studied how to hurt ppl 😂 😆 😝 😂

  14. Such a shame that the product you promote (Tim Tam) can't deliver on their promise – 4 weeks and counting – they have my money and still no communication or product!

  15. It gets very interesting around 2:11:35
    This conversation turns to a more didactic discussion. But, like myself, I think Firas may not be articulating the concepts well enough. But I appreciate the turn in this conversation and it is pause for rhetorical consideration. More of this please.

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