Kenya Can’t Control Its Children’s Gambling Addictions (HBO)

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21 thoughts on “Kenya Can’t Control Its Children’s Gambling Addictions (HBO)

  1. WOW $10 US dollars and you get $1000
    I need to go there not to spend money but to give to the homeless
    Idk I dont get it why haven't they been expanding? Why haven't Americans come over to help
    I don't think were exploring space until we come together as a planet

  2. The problem with US, Canada and UK is that the government tries to control minors a bit too much. From my personal opinion, most kids buy drugs in school here with their "lunch money".

  3. Poor people giving their last dime away to gamble with a Chinese machine, and your money going back to Chinese people, come on now use your head, work together build your Society.

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