North Koreans In Los Angeles Are Facing Discrimination—In Koreatown (HBO)

North Koreans living in Los Angeles had a lot to worry about, even before the Trump-Kim summit was announced.

Los Angeles’ Koreatown hosts the largest population of North Koreans in the United States. But while iving in an area where so many residents also speak their language can make easing into American society less daunting, they can also face discrimination — from other Koreans.

“Some North Koreans, they hide the fact that they’re from North Korea,” says Sarah Cho, founder of an organization that helps defectors start their new lives in the US. She says that while many South Koreans are curious and helpful to newly arrived North Korean immigrants, others can be abusive.

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49 thoughts on “North Koreans In Los Angeles Are Facing Discrimination—In Koreatown (HBO)

  1. Its taken you westerners that long to realise Asians are one of the most racist race on the planet. Talk to people in Hong Kong what they thought about the Chinese 15 years ago. Ask a Chinese what they think of Hong Kong people and the rest of the world now.

  2. I don't understand why they would discriminate. I mean, why are you upset with people escaping from somewhere? They can't leave on their own and have been brainwashed and mistreated. It's like they're escaping from a cult. "I bet you're glad to be free," should be one of the first things you say or, "How are you doing?" Why be like, "No pay for you!"

  3. You are wrong ; how a person that was prive of anything now feels discriminate? You are just a bunch of ignorant that try to make NK look as a victims , yes they are victims but victims of they regiments . So vice get another subject to talk about and let the world turn ; she can go back to NK at the end of the day.

  4. how would anyone know of your North Korean and why would a free person of a democracy persecute you for being north verses south, it sounds like propaganda story to me ,

  5. I am a Korean and I could barely understand what she was saying when she was talking about her son. Like I had to literally rewind several times and still have no clue. Feel like she's saying deliberately in a very blurred and unclear way because she's making things up. I've heard North Koreans deliberately claiming false things or heavily exaggerate what they experience for attention and money. Even same North Koreans confirmed this and they feel very angry against them. I mean I don't know, I know the life situation is not as good as here but I am not sure to what extent we can trust what they are saying.

  6. Im in Seoul right now and tbh Koreans don't really like outsiders. Some are very nice but to get an idea of Korean culture just look at the refugee crisis in Jeju right now.

  7. Did you really have to open their faces…………………………………? Isn't it dangerous? Also, it's so wrong for other Koreans to take advantage of them and not pay them. Like wtf

  8. Weird that people discriminate against their brothers and sisters that have been through so much. But the same happened in West and East Germany. I was 12 at the time the Berlin Wall came down, and yes we did have prejudices against the "Ostler" (Eastlings). I'll admit, I was part of it. It took a few years for friendships to form and to realize that although our culture had drifted apart a little bit through those few decades of divide, "Ostler" and "Westler" had much more in common than they had differences. I was young and fairly open-minded, and I was in Berlin were we had much more contact with people from the east, and even then it took a few years. Now, decades later there are still many people in west Germany that have prejudices.

  9. You can't just simply say "but she eventually got out of that marriage and traveled to the U.S"
    …. wtf happened in between? It isn't that easy from China to the U.S. what did her Chinese husband DO for her? ?

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