The Island Where Washington State Sends Its Sex Offenders (HBO)

Twenty minutes off the Puget Sound coast is an island that was the home to a state penitentiary until it closed in 2011. Now, it is used as a facility for the civil commitment of the state’s most violent sex offenders.

Residents wind up on McNeil when their prison terms have ended but a judge deems them still too dangerous for society. They’re placed indefinitely in what’s known as civil commitment — where in theory they’ll be treated until they no longer pose a threat. This could be a month or it could be forever.

It’s not an island paradise but it’s not a prison. VICE New Tonight sees what life is like for the residents.

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21 thoughts on “The Island Where Washington State Sends Its Sex Offenders (HBO)

  1. interesting how people talk about sicietal norms and psychology as if they have any credentials. i wonder if anyone in the comment section knows the difference between normative behavior of men groomed by brook shields commecrials grooming men to be attracted to seductive adolescent teens and abnormal behavior?

  2. Keep them in jail, they don't change. Their old habit is still lurking in their mind, as soonest the right cue trigers their habit they won't be able to control that urge.

  3. These people should get the sentence they deserve in the first place, if they were under-sentenced then that was an issue with the original jury, not the Defendant. These prisoners also should have been being rehabilitated from the moment they started their original sentence. It is in the best interest of all of us not to dement criminals who will one day be free again, and these type of programs blatantly admit that we aren't rehabilitating criminals in prison.

  4. Karol you absolutely hit the nail on the head an admission of the facts an understanding of the roots of the behaviour, triggers, practicing the tools for recovery.
    It is like asking me to be a man tho. I am not a man they are child sexual predators they will never be anything else inside.

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