We Joined The Marines Trying To Defeat The Strongest Taliban Army Yet (HBO)

President Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy will see up to 4,000 additional troops deployed to fight the deadliest Taliban army to date in the now 16-year-old conflict. But very few of them will see ground combat. That’s because the war is being fought mainly by Afghan soldiers on the ground, supported by U.S. airpower in the form of drones or F-16s.

VICE NEWS spent time with U.S. and Afghan forces as they try to beat back a Taliban resurgence that’s seen the group now control or contest more territory in Afghanistan than at any time since the beginning of the war. We accompanied an Afghan-led counter-insurgency operation deep into Helmand province, where local forces fight day and night to push the Taliban back using heavy artillery and mine-clearance teams that dig out IEDs with their bare hands.

As top U.S. officials laud recent results on the battlefield, Afghan soldiers say the Taliban they’re fighting is stronger now than they’ve been in years.

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46 thoughts on “We Joined The Marines Trying To Defeat The Strongest Taliban Army Yet (HBO)

  1. Why they don't set up afganistan snipers they can make multiple of those if they try attacking make some of them decoys put the snipers to patrol the areas with civilians

  2. Well, thanks for your service, but if you really want to gain the respect of the American public, you should say "ENOUGH ALREADY". The people who sent your to Afghanistan sent you there as a means to procure opium poppies, some of which are coming back to the states to addict and kill your friends and comrades. 17 years, and the maze of drug smugglers, covert ops handlers, flyboys and propaganda/false flag actors like the White Helmets

    You aren't fighting for any American's freedom. WE'RE FINE over here. Not because these primitive, poor, broke illiterate peasants couldn't find their way here if they were dropped from an Osprey, America NEEDS you back here to fight for the rights of your parents and families to live a life where their economic opportunity is strangeled to make more profits for Boeing, Martin-Marietta, SAIC and Raytheon. I'm sure you guys don't own much stock in Carlysle Group or Google or Tesla etc, but you come back to neglect, no treatment for PTSD, no coverage for things you need like psychiatric counselling or drugs. But plenty of doctors will write scripts for opioids to keep you complacent and addicted while sticking you with the bill. Think about it. If you've SEEN the poppy fields, you know they represent 90% of the world's supply. You sure as hell aren't there to kill a few guys with AK47s riding around in pickup trucks. You're there to help the CIA make millions more so they can poison the country and buy up more foreclosed properties. In another year, the Fed will need ANOTHER taxpayer funded bailout to the big 6 banks and your folks will lose everything they've worked so hard for and everything you fought for. GET OUT – NOW! Come HOME. EDUCATE yourself. See those who benefit and those who are shafted up close and personal. Then defend what is left of the REAL AMERICA. You took an oath to fight "Foreign and domestic" enemies. The people you hunt are no more able to hurt you than a toothbrush. The real enemies of America are in the boardrooms and newsrooms and political salons, on the yachts and Gulfstreams. Help us get their Guccis off our necks.

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