What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million (HBO)

After nearly 20 minutes of nail biting bidding on Wednesday night, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Salvator Mundi, shattered the world record for the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction. Including fees, the 500 year old rare masterpiece sold for $450.3 million.

Some questioned the authenticity of the painting as truly Da Vinci but with a price tag that far surpassed initial estimates the concern now seems irrelevant.

Before the sale, Vice News Tonight went to Christie’s for a private viewing of Salvator Mundi with contemporary Brazilian artist Vik Muniz.

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31 thoughts on “What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million (HBO)

  1. no matter how you gonna polish it, the fact of the matter is that half billion dollars is ludicrous amount of cash
    for any painting. god is giving nuts to those with out teeth

  2. The art world is the biggest con ever. It is just a lovely painting. The artist would be laughing at all your comments and be stupefied at all that claim to know what he was thinking at that time.

  3. That is a portrait of a homosexual male. Da vinci was indeed a homosexual. Really examine the portrait with the time period in mind. Mona Lisa seems to be a man as well. So does the portrait of john the baptist resemble a homosexual man. Art is a reflection of the repressed desires of the artist. In those times maybe homosexuals looked like that. Research roman the saturnalia festival and be amazed to the ironic coincidences.

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