41-year-old Adoptee Deported After 37 Years in the U.S. (HBO)

When Shin Song Hyuk was three years old, an American couple in Detroit adopted him and moved him from South Korea to the United States. His new family changed his name to Adam, but did not fill out the basic forms that guarantee citizenship for international adoptees. This meant Adam was an undocumented immigrant.

Nobody knows exactly how many international adoptees grow up undocumented due to negligence or clerical error, but given the difficulties of adopted life, many of them end up in trouble with the law, which, in turn, opens them up for deportation to homelands they do not remember and cultures which are completely foreign to them.

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36 thoughts on “41-year-old Adoptee Deported After 37 Years in the U.S. (HBO)

  1. I don't have time to study immigration law but to the average person the application of it appears arbitrary and ridiculous. Americans don't do much to protect children subjected to domestic violence. I can attest to that personally, the adult son of two violent child abusers, both of whom were lawyers of all things. In the state where my old man went to law school they think he was a great legal scholar. Of course they admire racists and homophobes too. As for the Korean guy who was adopted, deporting him back to a country he was taken from at age 3 should not even be an option in the courts. It doesn't seem as though the courts are taking into account the age at which a minor child was brought to the US, or the amount of time elapsed since that took place. Of course, a 3-year-old kid cannot be held responsible for anything. As Tim Cook says, "The DACA situation is not an immigration issue. It's a moral issue."

  2. My dad was also adopted from korea at 7 and abused by the family that adopted him.. he actually forgave his adoptive family for the abuse (which i couldnt have done) and his maternal mom for the abandonment. Its something that has effected him deeply and he still hasnt dealt with

  3. Unbelievable that this has happened! He is clearly an American. He merely reacted to the terrible environment he was faced with and tried to make the best of it. I am so disappointed that he was literally deported due to an administrative oversight!

  4. Sad story like many others, good thing is find some of that hot Asian ass and "get you some". This is one of those times i wish i hit the lottery i would look him up and give him enough money to be happy the rest of his life…he deserves it!!

  5. Seems some people adopt children because it get them attention, goodie goodie persona until the novelty wears off. It not right that people like him should be deported , 99.99 % of people are immigrants legal or illegal. So why aren't they deported.

  6. This is not America anymore. The republicans have the balls to call themselves Christians. I cant wait till they actually meet The Lord. Hillbilly pieces of shit. Yeah Americas number one

  7. My son was deported after serving time and being a green card holder for ten years; it was in OObama's time 2012, i don't blame The ex president, that law was implemented by bush to deport green car holders when some kinds of law are broken. It is sad specially after spending my savings and his friends collected money trying to reverse the deportation by retaining lawyers who did nothing.

  8. So unfair how he's been treated. He wasn't an illegal immigrant or even a refugee. He was adopted as a child. It wasn't his fault his adoptive parents did not know to file the paperwork for his citizenship. Why don't they go after the right people? It's madness.

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