Back Alley Nurseries: Sex Workers of Bogotá

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In a corner of Santa Fe, one of Bogotá’s seedier neighborhoods, a woman named Luz Marina runs a nursery for the children of prostitutes who work in the city’s red light district. She charges $5 to look after babies and young children while their mothers sell their bodies, often for between $15 and $30. When the mothers can’t pay, Luz Marina doesn’t make a fuss, looking after their children for free. Over the years, women have left babies with her and never returned. For all her work helping children, she receives no assistance from the local government — she does it because nobody else will.

VICE News spent time with Luz Marina in Bogotá, documenting her nursery for Bogota’s forgotten children.

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42 thoughts on “Back Alley Nurseries: Sex Workers of Bogotá

  1. Omg my heart dropped when that poor boy was crying behind his sister at the end omg 😭😭😭 may god bless all these bright beautiful kids to a better and safe place 😭

  2. Ok, so the prostitutes with kids, I can understand a little but the trannies with no kids, there's no excuse to prostitute. They can find a job but won't bc they want to be prostitutes. They don't want to do anything respectable or decent. It's the same in the U.S., trannies love prostituting. They're suicidal bc of their tranny mental disorder, not bc of anything else. They have the highest suicide rate bc that's one of the many symptoms of their mental disorder. Go figure their biggest problem on the streets is each other, other trannies. They, also, have the highest domestic violence rate.

  3. There’s a lady in America who pays for drug addicts contraception, to avoid things like this. This is so sad. Having babies due to prostitution and not giving a damn about the kids. So sad!!!

  4. It really infuriates me that they only show the bad side of Bogotá. That is in every documental/movie/show that is made about colombia, and not a single one of them shows how beautiful it really is. Colombia is a really diverse country, and specifically talking about Bogotá, there is so much to see in that city. Yes, there is a "dark side", as there is in EVERY city, but why not show as well the "rich", cultured, and pretty side of it? The well educated? The places for tourism? I live in Bogotá and have lived here for all my life, and I can surely tell you that it is a beautiful city with a little of everything. I personally have never visited the "poor" side of it, and I know a lot of shit happens there, but just try making a video that shows the good as well and not only the "drug and prostitution central" smh

  5. I feel bad for this kids but st the same time is nice to see cause the world love telling us blacks are irresponsible but ugh huh blacks make amazing parents the ones that let drugs lead their life can’t speak for all blacks

  6. Childcare places like this in Canada would be closed down because Canada has lots of health, sanitation and inspection regulations regarding childcare. Also People who run them need to have First Aid, take child care training and if they want to do home daycare or in a Center. All the kids must eat food following the food group for their age.

  7. Remember all that South America is predominantly Catholic . It's a very American notion to just go out and get birth control. A lot of these countries make Texas look pro choice

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