Captured ISIS Fighters On Drugs On The Battlefield | Retaking Mosul: ISIS Prisoners (HBO)

We talked to captured ISIS fighters about drug use on the battlefield.

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22 thoughts on “Captured ISIS Fighters On Drugs On The Battlefield | Retaking Mosul: ISIS Prisoners (HBO)

  1. I used to keep in touch with a Brut buddy who was fighting with the Kurds against ISIS. He told me what He was finding in the villages they were liberating. The drug use by DAESH was rampant. How do I contact Isobel? She has been there many times.

  2. These drugs seem to play a big part in war. Even the Nazis in WWII were taking Methamphetamines. Hell, even the U.S. researched and gave their soldiers a type of drug that boosted their energy.

  3. kill these isis fighters. there should be NO MERCY for these animals … they have no right to live, they gave that up the day they decided to throw away their humanity

  4. الكلمة الإنجليزية Assassin تأتي من الكلمة العربية Hashishin … بمعنى أن الرجل تحت تأثير الدواء المسمى حشيش سيقتل أي شخص ، لا يخشى أحدا. حتى السيخ يستخدمون الدواء للقتل

  5. It would be good if you showed what the other medications were. The white tablets at 03:36 was presumably Ritalin (central stimulantia acting close to amphetamine). The green capsules at 4:17 were presumably Naloxone (antidote to morphine)…

  6. That is why the education is so important that ignorant f**** a 15 year old thinks he's going to go to paradise and have a bunch of virgins and he believes it there's something wrong with these people if they believe something so ridiculous their brains are just not evolve same way other people's are I used to think blacks were stupid because I lived in Detroit then I moved to New Mexico and I realized Mexicans were stupider then I've watched hundreds of videos on these idiots and they are the most ignorant of all or I should say stupid of all because ignorance implies that you just don't know you need to learn but these people are stupid meaning they can't learn and for anybody who says race has nothing to do with stupidity you're wrong because our brains evolve depending on our situation the area you live and your race chemically our brains are different that's been proven on brain scan that race has 90% to do with stupidity it's not their fault and not every black Mexican or Muslim are stupid but the majority of are it's called evolution and somehow a lot of bad genes the bad seeds I've been passed on through the generations and have caused all of this evil anybody who murder and kills are evil you can't just round people up and kill them not if you're apart of God yes it's unfair that they have no boundaries and the good do the good can't just go around killing people beheading them rounding them up and gassing them like Hitler the good will be slaughtered like helpless sheep unless God steps in and does the Dirty Work pray to God connect with him not through a book not through the Bible whatever Bible because they're all s*** God doesn't need a book to speak to you he can show you everything in one dream get right with God because without him the good will be wiped off this Earth completely things are going to get bad a lot of people are going to die innocent good people it is going to be truly hell on Earth but the evil must be wiped off this Earth we need to make this Earth livable for our kids and most of us we'll have to lay down our life to do so or to step over to the evil side and kill these people sacrificing your soul for the good of your kids for the good of society the ultimate sacrifice your soul God bless everybody's going to need it God that is hopefully he can forgive seeing that you only killed to help to get this evil these scumbags off of this Earth

  7. Ha ha! That dude just running his hands through that meth & laughing while putting it in a pipe then lighting it up & shit lol he prolly hit that shit too that's why they had to cut away😆
    On top of all that, it looked like dude kept that shit in a grocery bag in his desk ha ha ha Just in case someone drops by with a camera & wants to party, like VICE lol

  8. Of Course They're foot soldiers are allowed to, or were lead to, use Amphetamines(they're probably smoking meth, not Crack)

    Not only does it turn those DASH fucktards into heartless zombies, it binds them to those who supply their drugs and to the lifestyle in which they've used them..

    These are not men, they're monsters.

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