Inside The Brutal Fight That’s Left The Central African Republic In Chaos | VICE on HBO (Bonus)

About 2.5 million people, or over half the population, in the Central African Republic depend on humanitarian aid to survive. The widespread need stems from a long-standing war between Christians and Muslims that’s morphed into a brutal power struggle for the country’s many natural resources.

Right now, three-fourths of CAR is in the hands of at least 14 armed groups. They support themselves through indiscriminate stealing and killing, especially within the country’s crucial cattle industry.

“It’s unbearable,” said Garba Abakar Djobia, a cattle herder in Bangui, CAR’s capital and largest city, which the government barely controls. “They kill to take the cows. Children, women, and men are all killed.”

Oxfam and other aid groups do what they can. But in one camp in Bria with more than 40,000 displaced persons, for example, they only manage to deliver two-thirds of the resources deemed essential.

This week on VICE on HBO, Ben Anderson visited the camp as well as rebel-controlled areas of the Central African Republic to report on the unfolding disaster.

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32 thoughts on “Inside The Brutal Fight That’s Left The Central African Republic In Chaos | VICE on HBO (Bonus)

  1. “The Selena a faction of the oppressed Muslim minority” vice always has to make the muslims the victims even though the muslims started butchering civilians first

  2. They think Trump can help them poor deluded ones. You need to resist in order to exist. Trump can't even save America let alone an African nation thousands of miles away..

  3. this is pure lies and slander according to African American's Africa is a Utopian paradise with no crime or violence filled with peace loving hyper intelligent Africans who could make a nation akin to the one seen in mirrors edge but they just don't feel like it

  4. … but we need our IPhone's to remain cheap while we extract that Coaltan and other resources for next to nothing… all while we supply your'll with guns and bombs to kill each other… sorry

  5. I like how the beginning started off with “the oppressed Muslim minority” when the fact of the matter is that Muslims lived undisturbed until they took power and local Muslims started attacking Christian villages. Of course this did not end well in a country where they are a small minority.

  6. Portuguese forces are in a peace mission in Central African Republic I would love to see you guys making a video e related to it I mean getting access to interview the Portuguese forces. It's a ONU mission by the way

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