Joe Rogan Experience #1073 – Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker is a cognitive psychologist, linguist, and popular science author. He is Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and is known for his advocacy of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind. His new book “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress” will be released in February 2018.

49 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1073 – Steven Pinker

  1. Many of the discoveries throughout history were not simply because of the gain in money, except for the most recentΒ couple hundred years. The majority of advancements were done either because someone wanted to make an easier way to do something, such as better ways to farm, or they simply had a great deal of free time to be creative with their hobbies and interests. Most of earlier scientific discoveries were made not by the poorer classes but by overly wealthy individuals (royalty who stole their money from the public, or children of wealthy merchants who also didn't have to work to survive) who had free time to do something besides working their asses off day after day and could tinker with things. They weren't doing it for wealth, but for the sake of curiosity. The same can be said about many things today. A lot of inventions doesn't start as ways to make money, they might eventually get there, but most are just things people have an interest in and try to make it.

    If more people didn't have to slave away all day, and have the stresses just for survival, there would be more people who could be creative and work towards education and the developments to further our society and species.

    This also is another issues with the thoughts of capitalism being so good, especially the radical libertarian views, that economics and industry will just work if you don't regulate them. Look around, this isn't the case already. There are a large number of companies out there who do everything they can to get away with either hurting the environment or taking advantage of people (outright lying to them about products) for their profit, no matter the repercussions of people. And the argument that "people will determine the outcome with their money", come on, people don't spend wisely EVER, there are many examples that show we spend emotionally instead of rationally but you have to look no further than the fact that we still buy shiny rocks to wear that have NO VALUE besides it being shiny.

  2. Joe needs to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk at the same time, he doesn't have to say a word, he can just sit back and cover his face with his hands to try prevent it from melting as the two geniuses just go HAM in a knowledge battle for 3 hours straight.

  3. please dont conflate communism and socialism. The former is equality of outcome the later is setting a bar below which no one falls. one is great and gives us public schools and universal health care the other is really bad

  4. i find it weird that joe, despite having intimate knowledge of how the media constructs false narratives about people like bret and jordan, takes the stories by the very same people about trump at face value.

  5. Anarcho-Capitalism isn't about doing away with rules, merely rulers. Anarchy = without rulers, not without rules. We seek to bring Voluntaryistic society about whereby you agree to live in a private city/state (much like a developed housing community), where investors have laid the groundwork and infrastructure, and you pay into an HOA-like entity that manages things. We want private dispute settlement, security services, private, polycentric law, and strong property rights, defined by property claims and homesteading. Check out David Friedman's (Milton Friedman's son) talk about this:

  6. When people fantasize about societies mesmerized by VR devices I can't help but consider how frequently and deeply we immersive ourselves in all the other technology we already have. Fair enough, spacial tracking and stereoscopic rendering are both neat, but your phone already has an incredible capacity to captivate your attention.

  7. Good God Joe, this fucker isn't the second coming of Christ. All he does is teach psychology at Harvard. It never ceases to amaze me, Joe, how you get some liberal guy on your show with fucked up hair and you slob his knob. Joe, you are better than this. You didn't challenge his ideas not one time. One of your worst interviews ever.

  8. Joe, great talk with Steven Pinker. There is a Deep State. You need to get Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch on your Show to look at the mountain of evidence that the Obama Administration spied on the Clinton Opposition and the FBI and DOJ did attempt a Coup d'etat. Although Obama looked respectable, he was very corrupt, IRS Scandal, Spying on Reporters, Fast & Furious – not a Civil Rights or Constitutional Lawyer in practice.

  9. He's right about Trump's influence on flipping formerly left-wing views to the right side. Before, it was Russia is red, red is bad, and you're a dirty hippie if you support Russia in any way. Before, right-wingers were pro neoliberalism and free trade. Now it's all about nationalism. I remember when left-wingers used to obsessively attack free trade and all the problems with it. But Trump is Trump and if you hate him you hate his views, and if you love him you love his views.

  10. The reason capitalism is challenged in universities is because it needs to be challenged to see its fauls and contradicting insentive structures. Its the only place where it is really done. Everyone freakes out about it because capitalism is thier secred cow that they cant have anyone challenge. They view any alternetive systems as inherently evil stalinists. If you actually went to a university you would find that these people are fairly few and are more focused on providing everyone with healthcare than seizing the means of production. Calm the fuck down and watch some Richard Wolf if youwant to learn about leftist ideas rather than dismissing them offhand.

  11. pay attentions to the pinker's lines "that was dumb or that's idiocy" … and question that …. Steven Pinker is not beyond ideologies and his bias … don't worrship him … he's a bloody liberal .. he's not an authority on anything but some parts of linguistics …

  12. I disaagree with most shit you just said. Idiosy ontop of stupidity same fucking thing. GEt your shit out of my ancetoral lands honkeys bitches. ME AND MINE OWE YOUR SO CALLED SOCIETY A GENOCIDE the rise of iq is idots putting idosy into their childrens brains you know who you are, WHITE PEOPLE. The undeclared delcaration of war is maintained. CAnnot wait to lead my 7th cav to their demise.

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