Joe Rogan Experience #1094 – Brian Redban

Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

24 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1094 – Brian Redban

  1. Glass eye glasses were naturally occurring from rare lightning strikes to soft beach or desert sand or forest fires and discovered by accident by some nearsighted lucky ass caveman

  2. Joe sometime i know it’s not your thing you have to talk about how cbs all access fucked over everyone. Cbs made bad bet flix Netflix pay double the production cost for star trek tv show AND cbs de uche bags charged fat basement sci fi losers like myself 17$ bucks a month for a horrible lazy insulting shit on us show (think andy fick dick drunk on coke and you are tied up and medically sedated – i shit you not it is that bad)… i hate them and hope cbs no access dies in a thousand burning suns

  3. Joe you should talk about how many people conveniently died in plane crashes murders and multiple gun shot to the head “suicides’ connected to the clintons some only hours before testifying

  4. Stephen Hawking kept his voice that way because the man who recorded all the words for him pushed himself to the limit to give Hawking his voice back, even though he himself was dying, and he died shortly after he finished recording everything. So Hawking refused to upgrade from those recordings in memoriam.

  5. Since I watched your podcast several times and I was just watching this one and you were talking about talked I was wondering if you ever heard of caninus temperament it’s when wildcat eat domestic dogs and then they lose all in a Bashan to be able to stay hidden and end up coming in the public places and morning people and stuff like this happens a lot and Indian stuff like that is also parasites that have taken over snails and stuff like that and make them go to the highest points so they get eaten by birds so that it can be transported from place to place it weirds but keep up the good work you’re doing amazing job

  6. Citizen United happened under W. Don’t get political info here people. You’ll end up wondering if Hillary is a murderer instead of just an unlikable candidate

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