Joe Rogan Experience #1096 – Todd Glass

Todd Glass is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “The Todd Glass Show”. His latest special “Act Happy” is available now on Netflix.

44 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1096 – Todd Glass

  1. Oh Joe, if electronic stimuli wasn't so ubiquitous and addicting, I don't think you'd be sitting in that building. I regularly watch or listen to these podcasts on my phone and I'm gonna hazard a guess that 90% of your other viewers do the same. Not that your statement is wrong but just saying you gotta be careful what you wish for

  2. Those kids are being mocked because they have shit opinions on a topic that they 100% have let their emotions mold their said shit opinions without putting an ounce of thought into them.

  3. 47:02 Todd's Rodney impression was the tits. He even has the mannerisms down. Class act that Todd Glass. Love that prank show too.
    He has a quirk about the way he talks though. Maybe it's the weed that amplifies it but he often speaks in incomplete thoughts. He'll start a sentence and start another one before finishing the first one. Sometimes he will start 3 or more sentences in a row before reach one he can finish. It's odd, to say the least. At most I can see it being aggravating to an asshole. I just find it odd but I attribute it to his mind working at a higher pace and his mouth struggles to keep up with it.

  4. hey Joe, an *important* thing to note about vaporisers is that you aren't getting any CBD with your THC, and there is some evidence that pure THC has the potential to have a psychotic effect with long term use – similar to cocaine. CBD naturally protects the brain from this (I'm pulling all this from memory so feel free to step in and correct the details/provide sources if you know better, internet commenter).

    When you want to switch to vaping, for a while smoke a little beforehand to ensure CBD is in your system, and then vape (this is a pretty damn good consumption method anyway). Do this for a few days until you've built up a good stock of vaped weed, and then you can get CBD by eating that shit on toast with peanut butter before you vape. The remaining THC present in the bud will have been activated by the vaping process so you'll get mild edible high but should get a decent body high. Then, you can safely vape the raw THC.

    Personally this was always too much effort for me and it's usually more convenient to just smoke a couple bongs if you're planning on vaping for a while – and this is a very economical consumption process. Until I see any evidence that water-filtered cannabis smoke has long term negative health repercussions I'm not bothered.

    Oh also, for the above passage it's important to know that Myself or anyone I know has never broken any laws or handled/consumed any regulated substances whatsoever, and cannabis itself doesn't even really exist

  5. This guy didn't know who Kim Jong-un was? He didn't know about North Korea? Who is this guy? How could you be so ignorant about politics and yet be so famous in the comedian's world? I'm not trying to offend the guy, he seems like a good person. I'm just amazed how people can get ahead in life without knowing about these commom knowledge stuff.

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