Joe Rogan Experience #1108 – Peter Attia

Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York City, focusing on the applied science of longevity.

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1108 – Peter Attia

  1. I think he's right about women being better marathon swimmers, the only person i've ever heard of swimming between Victoria, BC and Port Angeles, Washington was a woman

  2. 2:25:30 – The guy presenting with LG but doesn't have that – I presented with some weird shit too, but I was also dying of a squash ball size left atrial myxoma, so I was shitting myself to death, had lost 30 lbs, so they assumed it was gastro and tested me for celiac disease (I thought I had MS or Parkinsons). My neuro symptoms: I was falling down, unable to walk in a straight line, peripheral neuropathy, stuttering, depression, memory problems etc). Turned out I had neurological celiac disease called gluten ataxia (in addition to the tumour) – the good news is it's a simple blood test to rule it out – it presents in all kinds of weird ways and you have to be at 0 ppm compared to celiac which is below 20 ppm – so it takes gluten paranoia to all new anti social heights, but more good news, problems can reverse (slowly) – he should def have it ruled out since it's an easy one off blood test. My baby cousin has gluten ataxia as well and presented with extreme irritability, fear and anti-social behaviour (at age 3 – she also didn't grow for a year, which is how they figured it out, they had no idea her personality would change so dramatically as she recovered, they thought she might be autistic, but all her neurological symptoms disappeared as well, so the neurological symptoms in gluten ataxia are really unique to the individual). They've probably already tested him, but I feel like I have to say something (and hopefully you notice it) just in case.

  3. SO what we learned here is that Chris Kyle could lie still in one position for 2 hours. And the fact he was a mass murderer in an illegal war is essentially irrelevant. Like everything else about this interview. This guy is a doctor? Stop being a war fanboy then.

  4. Peter is on a ton of brosciene stuff sadly, a lot of times you need to intervene and make things correct.
    That weight training method for speed for instance has nothing to do with real performance.
    40 yard dash is like ego lifting, nothing to do with a real sprint of olympic 100meters.
    If I find time I try to make a timestamp with all the points where he was on some bs

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