Joe Rogan Experience #1113 – Brian Redban

Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

34 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1113 – Brian Redban

  1. Those IRS/CRA/Windows_technical_support/ISP/airline Indian scammers actually make a lot of money. It's crazy, but there are a lot of really gullible/stupid people out there. They are making millions of dollars, and it seems to be growing (because they're so successful, and the Indian government/police isn't cracking down hard enough on it (perhaps because it brings in good money to the cities))

    I'd be happy about something Trump does for once if he went after them. It seems something that is right up his line for both him and his supporter base, and will earn him brownie points for all US citizens, even those who hate him.

  2. I think Elon Musk is given too much value for his opinion. He's like a Henry Ford of the 21st century. He can run good businesses, and make cool products, but that doesn't necessarily mean he knows WTF he's talking about regarding philosophy or futurism more than most people. That's not to say that people's opinions don't matter, but rather we should look at lots of people's opinions, and especially people who are experts in that field; Elon has some serious STEM education but that still doesn't mean his opinion on robotic threats is any more valid than Rogans or some average persons. In fact with regards to predicting the future, there's not really any experts, although some people do spend more time trying to be one (not Musk in my opinion, he's way too busy with his multiple business operations, dreaming, and getting yes-men to agree with him)

  3. Regarding Doom VR, all the Dooms are available in VR now. Doom 2 is essentially just Doom 1 with minor improvements (and new levels). ZDoom (or GZDoom, I think essentially the same sort of thing, but it's evolved version) is a remade version of the classic Doom that uses modern technologies, so people added-in VR support for it (including hand tracking support of course). Graphics are still more-or-less the same as the classic doom though, so it's a pretty crappy experience, just done for nostalgia/fun.

    Doom 3 came out something like a decade after Doom 1&2. While old compared to today, it still has very good/passable graphics, especially on high settings and/or with mods. This was the first Doom to have VR support (although it didn't launch with VR support, since VR wasn't really quite a thing at the time).

    Then came Doom 4 rather recently, which had a VR version specifically made for it rather than just Doom 4 getting VR support added. It has very modern and eye-popping graphics. It's also very fast-paced, although the teleportation mechanic makes it a bit of a different kind of fast pace than normal.

  4. Redban saying to Rogan" "you would be a championship gamer if you got into it" Well, maybe earlier if he had stayed into it when he was younger, but he's past his prime.

    The only thing he could be good at at that age is like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering.

    Yes there are successful older RTS players (or FPS), but not THAT old. Not only that, but successful generally means winning smalltime tournaments and/or just having a lot of stream followers, not winning it big. There's a point where capability just drops too much to be at the top level.

    Just like with athletics, more and more data seems to indicate that certain people just have better biology to play video games, and you will get to a sort of plateau with regards to physical performance. Sure the strategy/knowledge (and communication) aspects are gained over time and never lost, but that's only part of the equation to get to the top. The plateau isn't noticeable for most people until they get to that top top 2% skill level. At that point only the mechanically-amazing people float to the top. There's no indication that I'm aware of that Rogan had the biological knack for top-level gaming. Not to say that he didn't, but it's not possible to know unless someone spends a lot of time practicing and honing their skill to see where they plateau.

  5. Joe's gotta stop using Apple products man. He needs to get Louis Rossman or Richard Stallman on his show to teach him about the evil Apple. I'd pay like all my money to see Rogan, Rossman, and Stallman in a room together— that be something. ROFL (it'd be a disaster but it'd still be awesome)

  6. That thing Rogan said about the .50 cal killing a deer from a miss is total nonsense. (not so much Joe's fault though, since the video advertised it as a miss-kill as well). Doesn't matter if you shoot a .22 swift (fastest, despite being small), something subsonic (slowest), or high energy (.50 MG absurdly powerful, one shot being equivalent of over 100 .22 handgun shots), the "shockwave" (if you're even going to call it that) is virtually nothing. Won't even knock down a pencil/pen standing on it's end if a bullet nearly grazed it. I did have to research this though; I'm fascinated with guns but I don't know a whole lot about them.

    I've love to be Joe's official fact-checker. I know a lot of stuff, and I research everything else.

  7. "your sperm and your cum", no it's actually only the donor's sperm, since that's the only thing that is produced in the testes. Sperm only makes up for some small fraction (like maybe 2–4%?) of the whole, the rest of the ejaculate is produced outside of the penis/testicle area.

    That said, the sperm is what counts with regards to genetics/reproduction.

  8. Am I the only one who finds Redban unbearable? I don't know why Joe always has him on and used to use him early on, he was useless and interrupts the flow of guests all the time and makes shit jokes constantly when things get serious.

  9. The whole 50 BMG missing and killing someone still is a myth. That bullet did not suck eyes out of that deer’s head. They have demonstrated that the round from a BMG rifle does not do what that whole myth claims it’s does.

  10. sometimes Joe confuses his Podcast with a stand-up Stage, dont really like it and i think its the same for his guests especially guys like Redban knowing him well, you see its making him quiet uncomfortable and even cringe! its hard for a descent conversation!

  11. I would NOT want my dreams recorded. I wake up some days thinking, oh wow deep, but I betchya if I actually re-watched it it would be cringe. I like that these things stay inside my head completely inaccessible to anyone in waking life ever not even on accident.

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