Joe Rogan Experience #1124 – Robert Schoch

Robert Schoch is an associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of General Studies, Boston University. He has been best known as a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis. Check out links to more of his work at

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  1. I know I'm a little late to post and not extremely qualified to drop knowledge, but I'm currently an architecture engineering student going into my 4th year and it is our belief at this point the Egyptian period engineers had a unique idea of engineering that would of worked. This is of course when the great pyramid of khufu was built. They could have built a causeway using water with wooden gates periodically around the structures foundation. These gates being spaced apart would create sections of "pools" of water. These early engineers would of had the grade increasing incrementally withing a section of space so that when they lifted one door it would allow water to flow to the next pool, raising the pools water level hence anything that floats on top of the water would also raise in elevation. So long story short is they created a flotation system for the stone to raise slowly using water levels that they could incrementally raise and lower which there is proof they used irrigation for trade and commerce, and had boats at the time of construction. STILL JUST A THERORY amongst engineers on how it could be possible. Hope this helps !

  2. Does Dr. Robert Schoch have information on the prehistoric cart ruts/tracks found around the world? Are they all cart ruts or perhaps channels left by under glacier streams? As a geologist he could answer this question. Vlad9vt has a video released 1/2/18 entitled Prehistoric Cart Ruts around the World.

  3. My cousin Jimmy Romano (now deceased & was related to the television star Ray Romano) worked at the Brooklyn Museum in their Egyptology Department. I was a Library Science student so I had access to the Museum library & did research on the origins of that library.
    It turns out that one of the corrupt politicians connected to the Boss Tweed Gang in New York City stole a bunch of cash & later took an early retirement which funded a grand tour to Egypt.
    Many artifacts & books that make up the Museum came from this rich donner who left a huge endowment that is still active that funds the working of the library to this day if I am not mistaken. So many well meaning (if not crooked & curious) men were there at the foundations of the Science now known as Egyptology. These people do not have the diverse scientific training that modern day scholars like Doctor Robert Schoch have – so it is ridiculous for them to slander & harass him with their pettiness. The other disturbing fact I would like to discuss is that after the ridiculous funded & provoked "Arab Spring" Egypt & Libya were plunged into chaos. Egypt later settled down but any American influence was basically banished & the country is now dominated my Russian influences. Many thousands of Russians now vacation there & the country seems shut down to Westerners. Its seems the current creepy gangsters ruling over us with their ridiculous antics do not want us going to Egypt for some reason. In my mind they are keeping all this important historical data hidden
    because as usual they want us to be mindless & dumb & under their thumb which is being done with the help of the idiotic, hysterical witch hunt media holding sway in America at this time. Got "IT"??????

  4. Anyone else notice that nearly every "Alternative History" proponent is influenced by Theosophy and the writings of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey? Robert admits to it's influence through his grandmother as a child at @8 minutes in. Of those who have noticed this (a small percentage I would guess) even fewer have actually gone and read these authors writings. You could all save yourselves a lot of time by just reading from the source. Don't be fooled by the claim of "channeled" information. That was an early way to state that the info came from initiates of secret societies that would not be named. The uninitiated have taken the channeling aspect to be true and have run with it for over a hundred years. lol

    David Icke= Teaches Alice Baily New Age doctrine almost word for word.
    Graham Hancock= 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason (source of the new age doctrine mainly via the quatuor coronati research lodge)
    John Anthony West= Teaches you the Western version of Feng Shui (Incorporating mathematical/biological/celestial constants into architecture)
    Jordan Maxwell = Teaches Blavatsky almost word for word.
    David Wilcock= Teaches Bailey/Blavatsky

    Most people are not aware that The Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in the 20s and through "new nge mystics" it's discovery was interpreted as the discovery of the "Ancient Master Race of Atlantis". This influenced the secret societies in Germany/Bavaria (Hotspot for the occult) leading up to Hitler's expeditions to Tibet. 8) Also interesting to note is that the first talk of Atlantis being a technologically advanced civilization with unlimited energy comes from Theosophists/Freemasons.

    P.S. I in no way dispute Robert's work examining the erosion at the site of the Sphinx in Giza. I only propose that the hypothesis being formed from the evidence (Not entirely by Robert Schoch, but by a conglomeration of "alternative researchers".) is not original at all.

  5. Robert Schoch is a brilliant man, and he is very brave to stay committed to his findings he has a lot of interesting thing on Ancient Aliens as well. Great guest Joe!

  6. Ehhh. The coronal mass ejection thing doesn't seem to work. Unless he explains why he believes that better, Randall Carlson's ideas about some kind of impact seem to work better. The carbon microspheres, and the microdiamonds are products that can only be explained by an impact, and it's now accepted science, which coincides with the end of the YDP. Sure the plasma theory, the drawings all over the world, the isotopes, the vitrification.. All of those things are real, but they can be explained independently. The drawings by coincidence, because nobody can possibly know the form that plasma would take. It's far more likely that those are stylized drawings of the human form. The rest just indicates that there was a lot of heat at some point, around the end of the YDP. Also, if there was a solar mass ejection that was powerful enough to vitrify soil, the extinction event would not have been so localized to north america. The size of the ejection he's talking about that he hypothesized ended the YDP would leave behind massive amounts of evidence that that's the only thing that could have happened. An extraterrestrial impact is the only thing that explains perfectly every single data point. Localized mass extinction, rapid warming due to not only water vapor entering the atmosphere which is the worst greenhouse gas, to massive amounts of carbon entering the atmosphere and coming down evenly over much of the globe. The massive herds of mammoths that have been knocked over from SOME massive force all at once AND being covered in tundra instantaneously (that doesn't happen from radiation), massive amounts of flooding, fulgerites from massive lightning storms caused by the environmental chaos, and trinitite. And people would also be driven underground by the nuclear winter that would immediately follow the impact that STARTED the YDP. Yes, mass ejections do take place, but we've never had any evidence that one has happened to the degree that he's talking about. But the real killer of this theory is microdiamonds at the same layer as carbon, and microspherules. the black mat, and what it's composed of is what doesn't add up… MASSIVE respect for Mr. Schoch, and I'd like to see him debate Randall, and Graham at some point. Also, there's just so much woo related to the plasma induced cave drawing theory, I just can't.

  7. Robert schoch needs to debate with graham hancock ! They are both on the same time period but with different hypothesizes, would be interesting hearing them try to use the same/similar data to paint their stories. Maybe bring in Nick Zentner of Central Washington University. he has a great series on the geology of the lake Missoula flood.

  8. No one appears to keep in mind: ALL of these people make HUGE money, most from youtube!!!
    Make some video, then sitback and rake it in!
    The more people watch, the more they make!!
    Turn off youtube and study a book.

  9. Time and dates were based off Astronomical events lining of a certain stars studying solar interruptions for years Asian culture is older then what we are told what happed will happen again our world was once in divine

  10. Our grids are fragile. How about instead of a wall, we spend the money putting Americans to work by shoring up our fragile infrastructure. Im not really looking forward to eating my neighbors after a month of no… well.. nothing. Get it together people. come on

  11. Dear Mr. Schoch,
    What exactly is the mechanism by which today's small (several miles size) so-called "Sungrazing" comets can (and they definitely do: all the evidence and also the evidence for repeated hidings of this fact by NASA is presented by Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers) induce solar flares on a 865000 mile diameter object like the Sun when, even if we consider the minimal distance on aproach, we're talking about at least hundreds of thousand of miles from the Sun's surface? How exactly can such a vanishingly small thing cause such a tremendously big event like a solar flare from a minimal (mind you) distance of at least hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Sun?
    And another question: why do all visited comets show dry, extremely black, hard, clearly rocky surfaces with planetary features on them: craters, layering, cliffs, mesas, sand dunes(!), rubbles etc. and why is it that the samples recovered from the tale of a comet by the Stardust mission show an abundance of "crystals of olivine, pyroxene and iron/nickel sulfides" (all commonly found in planetary crusts)?

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