Joe Rogan Experience #1131 – Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is a stand-up comedian, talk show host, and television personality. He is the creator and host of political comedy talk show “The Rubin Report” —

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  1. 1:30:00 what bill maher was refering to is that there was a recession under every republican president since teddy roosevelt and he hopes trump's one (which will inevitably come considering his economics) will come soon enough he doesnt get reelected

  2. I'm a libertarian but some of the stuff Dave said was BS about building codes and stuff. Government should stay out of a transaction between two parties but if there's a third party that gets affected involuntarily, obviously the government should step in. Of course this means making sure that buildings built are safe and you can't dump radioactive waste in the river because that's affecting people who have no say in the matter.

  3. rubin should have brought up the Seattle building code regulations…general building code is likely not a problem….and I'm a libertarian. That was not a solid argument by Rubin. He should have showed uber vs taxis…govt regulated taxis suck…are overpriced and less efficient…and almost always are of less quality than an uber.

    And Rogan thinking the post office would be the best way to get his mail delivered?? That's absolutely insane. Mail is a gov't monopoly…others aren't even allowed to do it by law. If that market opened up, we would see just how much better and cheaper amazon could do it vs. the gov't.

  4. It's all tribalism, man. Once you pick a side and go down that rabbit hole you won't even allow yourself to listen to "other guy" or "other side" even tho if u actually listen you'll find out "they" also have 80% of things in common with you. And that right there is the leftist problem: bunch of kids, millennials, and straight up douches who feel the need to protest anytime somebody says something you don't agree with even tho evolutionary psychology & Darwinism has proven this to us over time. And it's these same "left" folks who LOVE science, Neil D. Tyson, accept climate change (and rightfully so), but shun science anytime it becomes a SOCIAL issue as a way to explain why there's injustice & income inequality. It's so fucked up when tribalism prevents one side from getting their point across cause the other side won't even sit at a table to have a conversation even tho the dude at the table is very very very similar to you and isn't a "conservative" by your definition. Fuck those who just don't get it… That's all I have 2 say.

  5. Man I’m sure Dave is alright as a person irl, but he calls Prager U an “online university.” And when Sam Harris was on his show, Sam immediately says “politics is the most boring thing in the world to me” and he agrees before going on to talk about “the left” “why I left the left.”Goddam dude speak slower and make your own opinions.

  6. Rogan is such an idiot; he says "Soros was captured by the Nazis". Wrong. FFS, Soros wouldn't be alive if he was captured by the Nazis! Soros pretended to be a Christian and begged a Christian German to take him in and pretended to be his son then helped the Nazis confiscate jewish property. He admitted this in a 60 minutes interview of the late 90s. FFS, its on youtube. Rogan is embarrassingly ill-informed and his defence of Soros shows a distinct lack of judgement. Soros is currently funding a rabid anti-Brexit campaign in the UK in an effort to overturn a democratic vote of the people; this has been reported in mainstream media in the UK. He is also threatening Hungary because of Orban's refusal to take the EU migrant quota. This cunt Soros is a dirty little parasite who needs to hurry up and die..Ive lost all respect for Rogan – he looks like establishment amateur to me now…..

  7. They are both talking past each other around 2:05. There's a huge difference between the building code and the permitting/inspection process.

    Look at it this way, the local government building inspector signs off on completed permits on a project. At a later time the structure fails and causes significant damage or hurts someone. Can the local government that signed off that the work was done to code be sued successfully? Answer: No.

  8. Hey everybody! No one needs to go to college because its all gender studies! That chemist can learn on his own! Architects? Eh trial and error I guess! Jesus, he’s drinking the irrational koolaid again

  9. Why ain't they bringing up the fact that a guy needs a hard-on for you to do anything sexual and a girl can just be raped dry you can't get a hard-on if you don't like it?

  10. "Where do we draw the line of the estate tax?" The first 2.5 MILLION that is given to you is untaxed. That's a pretty distinct line, especially when you consider that engineers make about that much over the course of their entire lives.

  11. Sorry Dave but you completely lost me when you tried to convince Joe to have building code regulations privatised. I get it, you're an anarcho-capitalist/libertarian type, and I get that you motivate it in part by faith in humanity, but I don't think you fully understand the importance of state enforced laws. The little people, whoever they are, wherever and whenever they may be, deserve the defence of the law on their side, and that should come from the same faith in humanity you hold.

  12. Don't need building codes, who is this guy! I've got a buddy that bought a condo that was recently rehabbed. The builder cut a lot of corners. There were leaks in his ceilings caused by unsoldered pipes. Ground fault outlets weren't ground. Pipes were not insulated and burst when there were cold winters. Porches were not up to code so the condo association had to tear down brand new porches and build new porches that were to code. I know what your thinking, sue the builder. That was done after one of the first discoveries, they got a small sum of money that did not cover all of the costs. When more problems were found they tried to sue again but the builder went "Out Of Bussiness". The builder probably has a new company somewhere else starting the cycle all over again. This is WITH regulation! Problems don't show up for years to a decade later and you're stuck with the bill.

  13. You can't leave all regulations to the states, because in many cases, economic incentives will produce a race to the bottom. E.g., one state will cut environmental and labour regulations, causing businesses to move to that state to educe costs, causing other states to cut the same regulations. Want to live in a state with no minimum wage, no overtime pay, no child labour laws, no limitations on water and air pollution? That's the logical conclusion. Those kinds of regulations were *fought for*; just because Rubin and others are too ignorant or bought off to realise it doesn't mean that we should go through the exercise of going back to square one and fight for them *all over again*.

  14. Just because we KNOW the Dakota Access Pipeline is bad for the environment does not mean the company will decide to do the right thing… Rubin is a disappointment.

  15. Meat has all the vitamins you need, especially if you eat the organs. Most mammalian animals have the vitamins mammals need, especially if you don't destroy the vitamins by cooking it too hot.

    Veggies have the immune signaling molecules that tell your body to protect its self. They're anti-cancer, anti-aging. But They're not made for people to consume, most of the healthy chemicals are just low dose toxins the plant makes to deter bugs from eating them. Most plants don't want you to eat anything other than the fruiting body to help spread their seeds, and the seeds don't digest well, cause the plant makes the seeds so they pass through in a big pile of poo as a means of propagation.

  16. Come on Joe, "those people"? You're collectivising builders? FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEFAMATION?!?!

    Your dad was a builder? Were you? Do you know the regulations and code? You've talked to Adam Carolla, he was a builder himself, ask him about the reasonability of many of the codes.

    The builder has An incentive to sell a property. The buyer has the incentive to make sure it's safe. The buyer pays for the inspections. The builder builds a good property so that it will pass an inspection with thr knowledge that the buyer will likely have an inspector. All the necessary incentives are there. You've talked to libertarians and ancappers before, I'm sure you know the arguments even if you don't agree.

    YOU'RE experience was under strict regulatory controls, YOU'RE saying the regulations and codes don't work.

    Buildings in 3rd world countries aren't shit cause they don't have codes, they're shit cause they don't have a lot of money to pay for quality buildings. They don't have money CAUSE THEY AREN'T FREE.

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