Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – May 27, 2018

Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on May 27, 2018.

34 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – May 27, 2018

  1. I’d pay for the option to listen to these guys while watching the fight the ufc should make it cost 90 bucks so 70 goes to the ufc and 20 bucks goes to joe per buy

  2. joe and brendan, oh you go by yourself? lol, that's so dumb, real film fans go to movies alone, and thank god eddie admitted "they all suck" yes, the movie theater experience has been destroyed and theaters are losing money because the films suck ass, with the exception of art house theaters or indie theaters, or true grind houses that show throwbacks 80, 70s films etc, horror, kung fu. it shows so many times on jre that he is not a true film fan, but eddie bravo is and joey diaz is. and joe is on occassion.

  3. What a F'N idiot Brendan Schaub, bringing up F'N # MeToo Movement to correlate a (ridiculously stupid) Intergender UFC Fight "idea"! Just shows how empty/hollow (ALMOST WORTHLESS!) Pop Culture IS now adays- for a F'N Meathead with his own Podcast to come up with that concept, PROBABLY thinking- "like awww homie we gotta LET Women run shit" (like we're ALL Beta F'N cucks now) or some shit! 😂
    THEN THEN the AUDACITY for HIM to disrespect a 50 year old Mike F'N Tyson & Bret 'The Hitman' Hart for their Wardrobe of all things!?? Big Brown's AT LEAST a half-a-fag!
    Fanny Packs are GAY AS HELL! (BUT all due respect to Mirko Cro Cop!) 😆
    Jesus F'N Christ then he ALSO dick rides Russia's MMA OVER American's!?!?! THAT'S when (trying to) keeping it real UTTERLY FAILS!
    I CANT KEEP critiquing him here- it SEEMS like it'll go to NO END w/ this one! Brendan Schaub SUCKS!

  4. This is great… a bunch of friends sitting around shooting the shit watching a fight! I enjoy doing it with my friends and it's cool to see famous people just doing the same thing lol.

  5. So why is going to movies alone weird? Just go out for a good time for a movie you like with people you like or see a movie you like without anyone and have a good evening or afternoon of fun. I agree with Eddie, more flexibility esp. if you have moviepass. So weird to freak out about it. I'd feel more self conscious eating out by myself than just watching a movie in a darkened room with a bunch of strangers with a dope setup of snacks.

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