Robots Could Be Coming For More Than Just Your Job: VICE on HBO, Full Episode

Everyone is worried about robots stealing manufacturing jobs, but the real value (and threat) in robots may lie in whether they can become smart enough to actually think on their own.

One of the major milestones in creating human level intelligence is for machines to attain self-awareness. And Columbia University’s Creative Machines Lab may have already done it. “These robots learn overtime, to stimulate themselves in a future situation they haven’t actually experienced.” said Dr. Hod Lipson, the mechanical engineering professor leading the lab’s push to create self-aware robots.

“In other words, they don’t have to learn by doing,” Lipson told VICE News. “They can learn by thinking.”

The robotics department at UC Berkley has made similar advancements with their self-teaching robot BRETT. Using trial and error, BRETT can learn how to fold laundry, assemble LEGO blocks and fit pegs into a hole.

From a technological standpoint, these advancements are exciting, but they raise an important philosophical question: If humans create machines whose intelligence surpasses our own, will we be able to control them?

VICE’s Hamilton Morris explores how robotics and the computers that power them are poised for an extraordinary leap forward with the emergence of artificial intelligence, and how humanity can reconcile the huge risks and possibilities that will follow.

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41 thoughts on “Robots Could Be Coming For More Than Just Your Job: VICE on HBO, Full Episode

  1. I'm sure humanity as a whole wouldn't mind if machines and A.I found the actual cure to cancer and all other human diseases. Machines are not susceptible to monetary corruption as human beings are when it comes to the for profit cancer research industry. Which employs a lot of people and generates billion of dollars a year in harmful expensive radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

  2. Incredible. Global Climate Change has shrank Antarctica to the smallest size in human history, Cape Town Africa IS LITERALLY RUNNING OUT OF WATER IN ABOUT A MONTH, and 97% of the experts say we are at an extinction level event within 50 years, but we are more worried about robots taking over… smh

  3. We grow as human beings so wouldn't this ai need to grow the same way we do?a human can change its mind so quickly and many times all at once.can a computer really figure this out?science can't even explain what consciousness is,how can it make artificial intelligence when science barely understands reality?im baffled.

  4. The first thing AI will figure out about all these things is that they are man made and we are like a virus. It will want to cut us out and since it can learn faster and not have morality, it will decimate us as a species. These fools are playing around with something they can't control and it's going to cost us all.

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