Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Four

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VICE News continues its coverage of the rising tensions in Venezuela’s capital against Nicolas Maduro’s government. We visit a construction site near Altamira Square, where protesters are mining the leftover materials to use as barricades and weapons. As the crisis continues, the materials that protesters are using have evolved, and it seems they will stop at nothing until they see a change in their government.

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20 thoughts on “Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Four

  1. Don't buy the lies of USA propaganda in regards to Venezuela. Venezuela is doing just fine. Hugo Chavez did a great Job in getting this country on track.  The USA does not want you to know how well Socialism or Communism works.  This is why we are having these negative Videos in regards to Venezuela. I am sure this Video is a CIA opp.  To brainwash the sheep that Venezuela is in trouble.

  2. Gringo e' mierda … claro como tu país es el q está apoyando esta mierda q se hace llamar "guarimba" … les conviene, para hacer una intervesión militar, para después llevarse nuestro petróleo; están serientos, chingos por quitarnos el petróleo. Bastardos, xq no se metierón cuando Carloz Andrez Perez mato a los 3500 Venezolanos??? claro, como todos esos hijos de perra, malditos, bastardos, ladrones de 4rta República les ragalaba nuestros recursos … les convenía. Y ni hablar de estos mariquitos q están prostetando creyendo q van a tumbar el gobierno … jajajajaja 5 meses en eso y no han tumbado a Maduro, y al maldito de carmona lo lograrón tumbar en 1 día y ustedes perdiendo tiempo ahí … dan lastima.

  3. Thank you for denouncing the terrible dictatorship that is oppressing my country.

    Nicolas Maduro is responsible for crimes against humanity in Venezuela; he ordered the killings, torture and oppression of my countrymen.


  4. Latin American scholars Gregory Wilpert, Mark Weisbrot and Steve Ellner have spoken up about the nature of these protests. Anyone who gave this video the thumbs up will feel very embarrassed after they hear what they have to say.

  5. There won't be socialism without contradictions, there won't be a perfect example of an equal and just society but we live in a globalized world and the tentacles of imperialists spread all across the globe – they are waiting for any chance they get to destroy a societal model that counters their neoliberal dogma. That is why even though there may be just reasons for people demonstrating they will eventually be just useful idiots in the hands of their imperialist masters.

  6. What really makes me sick are all the cruel and ignorant comments from people in rich countries who criticize these protesters without any recognition of the absolute desperation that has caused what used to be middle class people to risk their lives. These people are fighting an corrupt, abusive, totalitarian government that has eliminated all freedom of speach and economic opportunity and is robbing their country blind. I hope G'd will protect these protesters and bring down the disgusting human beings that have raped their country.

  7. lol got to love these commie fucks, Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world which theoretically should make It one of the richest countries in the world yet these oppressive cunts in government have shown the true colours of communism which is it doesn't fuck'n work. its a nice ideology, but other than that, when put into practice, its business as usual. the ones in power get more rich and the poor don't even have enough toilet paper to wipe their own ass's. hope they over throw their government and take their country back. much love from Australia 😀

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