Chaos in Brazil: On the Ground at the World Cup (Dispatch 3)

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Brazil’s public school teachers have played a major role in the protests surrounding the World Cup over the past year. They have demanded pay increases, better working conditions, and improvements to Brazil’s lagging social services. In addition to protesting, teachers across Rio de Janeiro have been going on periodic strikes.

For the past month, teachers have been trying to meet with Rio’s governor in order to voice their demands directly to him. Their requests to speak to him have been ignored.

In our third dispatch from the World Cup, VICE News goes to a demonstration in downtown Rio led by public school teachers demanding a 20 percent pay increase as they continue to try and make their voices heard.

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33 thoughts on “Chaos in Brazil: On the Ground at the World Cup (Dispatch 3)

  1. Essa copa do mundo foi um desastre… O que o governo alegava é que a copa aqueceria a economia. Os últimos levantamentos mostrou uma recessão na economia brasileira. E agora o governo federal ( Sra. DILMA ) diz que foi por causa dos feriados que aconteceram devido ao jogos.
    Que irônico da parte dessa senhora.
    Fora Dilma!! Fora PT.

  2. I believe the larger point is being missed. People embracing this bullshit about CO2 causing global warming, the facts don't really support this. Buy lets ignore that, the US is only 360 million or so out of almost a 7 billion global population. Coal fired plants are coming on line at almost one a week in china and India. There are many areas developing we won't even get into. To think our 35% reduction in CO2 (you know the stuff that plants thrive on) and the hardship it will place on a struggling American middle class is naive at best.

  3. This is why no one in my whole family is watching the World Cup . The govt chose a World Cup over a citizens rights to education. That's disputable and disgusting what has the world come down to. Why chose a World Cup over education seriously? It's a shame to have a stupidity govt taking over putting aside education !

  4. 4:38 They aren't cops, they're more like soldiers from a Call of Duty game XD

    On that note I wonder if there is an "Xtreme Xcessive Force Riot Cop Simulator" or some similar game on the interwebs.

  5. What's the difference between police and street gang thugs?  Nothing….

    Both serve as little else than 'soldiers' for a couple of assholes in charge. There is no justice to be found anywhere anymore.

  6. The Brazilian government and its police force treat normal and protesting Brazilians with much disdain, and some on YouTube arrogantly condemn Brazilian protestors for being so aggressive. Critics, open your idealistic eyes and see the reason for their animosity. Would you passively accept systematic mistreatment by your own government against you? I do not believe very many would accept this abuse.

  7. the teachers are asking the government for something they cannot pay for, after spending a lot on the world cup and Olympic. brazil is still a third world country and the teachers are asking for first world country perks in  which they cannot afford. a lot of kids in India learn from dirt floors. should their teaching conditions get better? hell ya it should, but the matter is money, which third world country don't have enough.

  8. World Cup is just the perfect opportunity for all the public workers to come out of the woodwork and make their country look bad and halt progress. What a bunch of idiots. The World Cup is more important than the teachers getting a 20% raise

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