Joe Rogan Experience #880 – Jon Jones

Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist and a two-time former Light Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He will compete against Dan Henderson in a submission grappling match at Submission Underground 2 on Sunday, Dec. 11, in Portland, Oregon.

22 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #880 – Jon Jones

  1. I am a huge fan of Jones's talent and accomplishments and I feel that he is most def the GOAT but when he talked about his hit and run all he seemed to care about was what would happen to HIM and not about the pregnant woman and he baby. I was literally cringing when he was answering Rogan's questions about what happened and how he felt about what he had done that night and the possible consequences oh his deplorable actions.

  2. If he doesn't feel he can raise a son, what in the hell is he doing having 4 daughters? Fathers are supposed to be a young lady's model for what a man is. He keeps saying he was disoriented from the accident but knew to look for his bowl so he wouldn't get into trouble and knew to jump the fence and run. He didn't even check on the person. POS guy. He keeps saying how he didn't know it was a pregnant woman. Should have stopped period. As Comier said, he is a man unchanged. He's still arrogant and hasn't learned anything and he has daughters.

  3. Don’t matter how good he is in the octagon, he sure has a long way to go in terms of humility, ethics, and maturity. So arrogant and ignorant when he talks about how things were “taken away from him” rather than what he did to lose those things himself, how he’s a millionaire, able to “afford a thousand kids”, crashing Bentley’s, how he has enough he doesn’t have to fight again, and how (he thinks) he’s “done it all”…. wouldn’t be surprised if he finds himself broke sooner than he thinks… it’s happened to much better and much richer men than him.

  4. The way Jones was talking back in 2016 how remorseful he was and how he changed his habits and people around him, I wonder what Rogan is thinking today looking back on this podcast.

  5. I heard he bought that dick pill from American peptides or some company like that. Those peptide companies or only known by steroid users they sell products that steroid users use. If you're not a steroid user or know anything about it you wouldn't know about those websites. I know about him because I trained with bodybuilders and I've coached bodybuilders and they have taken steroids I have taken testosterone replacement. So when you need a estrogen blocker you can buy it from these websites legally under the terms that they are a research chemical. No one would know about this website if they didn't know about steroids. Is anyone here know what a peptide website is who doesn't take steroids?

  6. And when I say glorify I'm talking about when he was bragging to DC "I beat you after weekend of cocaine" now yes I know they were going back an forth, and I dislike what DC said with calling him a junkie and berating Jones about drug use just as much as I dislike Jones acting like doing a line or hitting the pipe gave him the "I'm smoking cigarettes so I'm cool" image

  7. Good old rationalizing Jon Jones. "People feel like they have the right to tell me to stop doing coke" "or stop making stupid decisions" "but I'm not as bad as some people" lol. Daniel Cormier said it best and any fight fan should agree. DC said something along the lines of "get your shit together man, how many times can we build up a fight for you to fuck it up?" I feel like any fan who pays money to see jones fight for it to be cancelled due to some of his dumb or irresponsible moves should be able to voice their opinion. Don't sit there and rationalize or glorify your actions of using cocaine when a lot of your fans are kids, (20 years and under is a kid to me) don't pass that shit off as being cool man. Especially when you have a platform that reaches across the entire planet. Do better Jon Jones, dammit.

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