The War Against Boko Haram (Full Length)

Since 2009, the militant Islamist group known as Boko Haram has wreaked havoc in northern Nigeria. Instilling terror through bombings, abductions, and beheadings, Boko Haram is fighting to create an Islamic state in the most populous country in Africa.

VICE News traveled to Nigeria to embed with the country’s army as it ramped up its fight against Boko Haram, whose rise has caused a state of emergency. As the only journalists on the front line in northern Nigeria, we witnessed the beginning of the largest military insurgency to date.

Kay Larsen discusses Boko Haram on The Young Turks:

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44 thoughts on “The War Against Boko Haram (Full Length)

  1. Nigeria is much like korea, with the south being technologically advanced and rich (They highly value education) And the north being poor and ANTI WERSTERN .

    The north lead a controlled lifestyle while the south is as free as any other democratic state.
    The only difference is that they are not Divided like Koreans{north and south} and Indians{and Pakistan}

    They share opposite views in everything, even though they practice a multi-party system, the only two active parties are each situated in a part of the country. (one being a muslim party and the other a Christian) further intensifying the rivalry.
    Northerners target and kill any southerners they come across (labeling them as infidels)while southerners try their best to accept defectors. The two once fought a civil war which the north won because they had the population, presidency and foreign countries like THE USA and Great Britain(they didn't want a break up of their former colony so they chose to side with the Islamic government, Even after proof of the Genocide against the south easterners was released to the world)
    The southerners practice Christianity and the belief in non violence while the northerners are characterized with violence.

  2. Good mini doc. Wish the Nigerians to beat these cancer cells. I am Muslim and don't aprove of these scum, no matter what nicknames they have, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Isis, Al qaida along with the Americans, French and British soldiers that are part of oppressing people. May their bodies rot here and hereafter!

  3. 18:41 What an Amazing prayer… Amazing strong people who are fighting the force of evil and keeping its people safe. I support the Nigerian people and the fighting military men who are fighting against the force of Bako Haram. God's speed and may you make Nigeria great again

  4. Rumours according to what I heard stated that the USA proposed to help only if Nigeria legalizes gay marriage and gay rights. To which we said "Hell naw" without even thinking for a second. And they left

  5. I just watched a VICE video like this with south sudanese troops, and the contrast is amazing. these nigerians are proper soldiers, the south sudanese are like headless chickens on the first day on the job. it's ridiculous how stupid they are… in the video, they take the VICE guys on a convoy of maybe a dozen or more vehicles, with lots of machine guns, down a dirt road alongside the bush and mud hut villages. inevitably, they get ambushed. they dismount, return fire, can't see their enemies behind bushes and huts. one third are returning fire, one third are running around aimlessly, one third are hiding behind vehicles. nobody seems to be giving orders, or doing any planned maneuvers. the enemies start firing more intensely. everybody panics. the first people start running away, including the commanding officers, jumping into vehicles and as soon as the first three people or so sit, they put the pedal to the metal without waiting to fill the vehicles to capacity – after all, running away faster than everybody else is best for personal survival. suddenly everybody runs, because nobody wants to be the last – and now nobody seems to be shooting at the enemy anymore. small groups jump into vehicles, immediately take off half empty. a group of fighters still on foot stops the car with the VICE guys in it at gunpoint, shoving a wounded comrade in and all crawling on top of one another, overcrowding the car, which speeds off again. the camera man films back through the rear window, where a fewsoldiers are desperately running after the convoy because nobody waited to fill their vehicles, choosing instead to take off as quickly as possible.
    somehow their only plan was to dismount and shoot. clearly no prior thought was given to any methodology for retreat, such as using all their heavy machine guns and mounted machine guns on the vehicles to provide 20 seconds of cover fire until everybody has hopped in the cars, and knowing how many people are supposed to be in each car and not taking off below capacity unless you see that nobody is coming anymore. come on, isn't a basic retreat strategy like the first thing you should plan and train? go and wing the attack if you want to, but why would you ever drive a vehicle convoy into enemy territory without ever even having talked about how a retreat would work?

    funny enough, those headless chicken soldiers were previously talking shit about how their enemies were just rebels, not real soldiers, so they could hardly fight. and then the not real soldiers who can't fight kicked their asses in a basic-ass ambush, causing the most incompetent retreat in the history of warfare.

    they also didn't have any medic at all even though they were at least like 60 soldiers including several high ranks (for the press tour). at one point, they get held up and dismount at a deserted village because they're receiving sporadic fire. they fire back a bit, move into half of the mud hut village, and the firing stops. as good a place as any, they figure, and start lighting fires to chill and eat. minutes later, mr. sporadic gunfire from before brought his buddies, the deafeningly intense gunfire gang into his half of the village to take cover behind the huts. everybody screams and runs away.

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