Joe Rogan Experience #1044 – C.T. Fletcher

C.T. Fletcher is an ex-powerlifter, actor, and video-blogger. He is a 3-Time World Bench Press Champion and 3-Time World Strict Curl Champion.

21 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1044 – C.T. Fletcher

  1. 59:10 – Joe has to be one of the best users of the word bitch in all of time. Favorite line in one of his standup shows…audience member yells, "life sucks!" …Joe's response, "maybe it's the way you're living it..BITCH!"

  2. Dear white people, it is not ok to start talking like a black person when you are talking to a black person. Its obvious, and its some poser ass shit.

    im white so its ok i said this. just like how no one who is black is racist. kinda the same thing riiiight?

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