The Sloths That Could Cure Cancer: Bio-Prospecting in Panama

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VICE News host Thomas Morton swings from the trees with an international team of scientists in Panama that’s found a promising treatment for malaria, Chagas disease and breast cancer in the most unlikely place: The mossy fur of tree sloths. It’s yet another reason to not cut down rainforests. About half of all drugs brought to market from 1997-2006 came from plants, fungi and bacteria discovered by “bio-prospectors” in nature. And we see that sloths are just one of many new and unusual frontiers for this research.

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28 thoughts on “The Sloths That Could Cure Cancer: Bio-Prospecting in Panama

  1. Keep up with the animal stuff Vice. The rest of your shit is communists hiding as liberals now a days. Like that absolute retard who interviewed Jordan Peterson, what a joke.

  2. you show everyone how not to deal with sloth and how RESPECTLESS you can behave. It disgusts me to keep looking at your report …
    Hey what Are You doing? How take the sloth. With so much risk of hurting them. Your laughing ist sooo disgusting.
    I hope the next animal that you treat so disrespectful, hurt you right.
    There is a diffrent way…

  3. Not amusing. I guess animals have to be led to water now, they've been pointed the fingered on. It must be easy feeling comfortable for not having a disease that you dont know really exists. I guess future of thinking can be thanked to the cellphones and the popularity and recognition search. Being a hero isnt about survival, it's about misleading people into going back to real work. I can't believe they still take showers. My bad, I'm to neglective to afford what has to be done. I'll just stick to smoking cigarettes because vaporizers are 2 futuristically heavy. Little brats with no real life knowledge seeking enlightenment through false follows are ruining space. Nerds turned to pervs. Side talkers, turned criminal minded. Children turned to immature. Great parenting. Thanks for not catching cancer.

  4. 8:32 look at the reporter laughing like a maniac and making fun of the sloth on the other hand the host says "c'mon darling" to the sloth. I love both the host and the sloth.

  5. You want to know why there will never be a cure for Cancer and Aids? Because they can only charge you once for the cure. They make more money selling people treatments than they would selling the cure

  6. So like I'm reading the comments that keeps saying this reporter is bad and disrespectful. And I'm confused because I never really noticed any problems with this reporter. However, he then goes to say "she looks like a retarted badger"…. Tsk Tsk. I had to stop the video
    Wow he keeps going at it 😬😬

  7. This host is such a jerk. He only has rude things to say about sloths. No respect for himself if he uses immature language to describe amazing animals. He called the sloth a junkie, so rude.

  8. "Is there an advantage to being a sloth, or are they just lucky?"
    That's right folks, sloth's evolutionary advantage: luck. Take one to a casino. If nothing else you'll be the coolest person in there with your sloth sitting there slowly pulling the lever on the slot machines.

    Edit: Man, you never think of the cameraman in these cases, but Thomas goes 85 feet up into a tree and yet still there's still some dude there tirelessly documenting every second.

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