Some Disneyland Employees Are Facing Homelessness Working At ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ (HBO)

ANAHEIM, California — Low-wage workers are being priced out of Orange County, the posh suburbs south of Los Angeles. That’s especially true in the city of Anaheim, and its largest employer: Disney.
The unions representing Disney’s lowest-paid workers have banded with other unions in Anaheim to put a measure on the ballot: a new minimum wage for the hotel and restaurant workers at the city’s largest resorts that would pay $15 per hour by 2019, and gradually increase to $18 per hour by 2022. (California’s minimum wage is set to increase to $15 per hour in 2021.) Raises thereafter would be at least 2 percent per year.
The push for a ballot measure has drawn the ire of the city, and Disney itself. The company is co-funding the group pushing against the measure, with the subtle name No To The Anaheim Job Killer Initiative.
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce President Todd Ament said the measure, if enacted, would drive off future investment and kill two luxury hotel project planned for Anaheim.
Disney workers say they can’t live in Anaheim — or most places in Orange County — while earning less than $15 per hour.

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34 thoughts on “Some Disneyland Employees Are Facing Homelessness Working At ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ (HBO)

  1. Disney is just as malevolent as any business. They’ve just created a very effective facade of kid friendly mouse ears to hide behind. Sounds cynical but search your feelings…you know it to be true

  2. Companies now days care only about profits and their bottom line. The excuse to why they started to be less caring, was a couple articles that came out in the 90's that said employees no longer had loyalty to their employer, so once one company started treating their employees less, and also started to make more profits, many other companies followed. There are Military Contractor jobs that now pay like Walmart, where they should be paying more, due to the knowledge and training and skill level on the employee. Excuses for low wages that I've heard are: It's because of the county we're in, this is a training factory, or my favorite: It's because 100% of the Union 1821 members have to attend the meetings, even though our due are paying for their representation on our behalf, wages that make rent, food, and utilities payments possible.

  3. this is the same company that threw the Software Engineers that had created all their systems on the streets and then replaced them with cheap labor from overseas… Disney has no basic respect for their employees, shame!

  4. How the eff is it not already at 15 dollars an hour? In Cali you can work at Carl's Jr. for $10 an hour, and the Disney job is a REALLY HARD JOB. It's expensive to live in Cali, too. And hot. Are they out of their minds?????? Pay them more.

  5. The starting salary should be well above 17$ an hour to adjust for inflation. 15$ an hour was more in line in the 1990s. It's just flat out greed. They're not even trying to hide the fact, they are very well aware. Disney could easily fix this, but will never.

  6. It would seem that most folks who have this kind of problem, are people who have held on to an old way of thinking. That being you keep a job for a long time. Really, the new key to making money is working 1-2 years at a place for experience, and then leaving for another job with better pay, and repeat. Your wages will of course stay stagnant when your job stays stangnant.

  7. Omg Glynndana is a beautiful person! you can tell she loves where she works and I'm sure every guest interaction she has helps make that person's trip to Disney even more magical…..I do wish she got paid more so she can live on her own

  8. People do not want to take personal responsibility for their life choices! If your job do not pay you what you think your labor is worthy, then get another job. If you do not qualify to get a better paying job, get educated and trained so you can qualify. It is not your employers' responsibility to take care of you. You are an adult, take care of yourself!

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