Returning To Marawi After ISIS (HBO)

At the 2017 Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) this Monday, trade talks were at the top of the agenda, but Trump also took the opportunity to congratulate Duterte for his strong stance on terror, and the liberation of the city of Marawi last month.

Militants aligned with ISIS took hold of the city in May and what was supposed to be a two week battle turned into a five month long siege, where the Philippine military (assisted by U.S. intelligence, weapons and funding of 13.6 million dollars) struggled to take down the highly equipped and skilled opposition.

But, the battle is far from over. This is a Muslim majority region, prone to sectarian violence and anti-government sentiment for close to a decade. Now the state will have to re-build trust within a shaken and fragile community, as residents cautiously return to the outskirts of the city.

VICE News was there at the height of the battle in June and returned to count the cost of war.

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39 thoughts on “Returning To Marawi After ISIS (HBO)

  1. You can't kill an ideology, but you can do a rolling thunder move.. Haha, I say a week long every hour bombardment 24-7 would do the trick. I guy can still dream..

  2. Another fine example of what a beautiful peaceful religion Islam is!!
    Not like those Barbaric Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs​, and Hindus…that are always leaving bloodshed everywhere they are found!!!

  3. You can tell whether a soldier volunteered or graduated from the Military Academy by how well he speaks English and when he was deployed. This guy was deployed to assist on the recovery. Volunteers are battle-hardened, and graduates are well educated.

  4. If the citizens of this town take the guns and fight isis Force's,they never have to leave they property etc,but always they do what the government say…is time We the people fight the enemy.

  5. 5:08 And those "trigger factors" have been there for 1300 years now, they are enshrined in Islamic holy scripture and they will not go away. This is why lasting peace between Islam and the world is very very unlikely.

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