Joe Rogan Experience #997 – Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore is an actor, comedian, director, writer and producer. Check out his show “The Pauly Shore Podcast Show” available on Crackle.

31 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #997 – Pauly Shore

  1. I might be alone here, but i actually like Pauly Shore and enjoyed some of his movies.

    Personally i dont think that Pauly Shore is even an actor. Pauly Shore just seems to be cast as himself. Essentially Pauly Shore plays one character and that character is Pauly Shore. But that seems to be his biggest problem, as he can only really be type cast into very specific roles.

  2. Based on the five or six seconds I stomached watching, what he's broadcasting right now with Macauley Culkin looks like another, even more pitiful version of this episode.

  3. I don’t think joe understand the concept that people think feel and act differently than himself. He always has a hard time getting the grasp of how someone could end up somewhere in their lives or why they think a certain way. Or maybe he just wants it to be clear for the listeners, idk.

  4. i really want a movie for him but i could never see it happening EDIT : he should be on a comedy tv show. he would be fantastic as an uncle or some shit

  5. Damn Pauly, get over it. You were more than a one hit wonder. Your shit just got old man. You can't be an 18 year old character in movies when your 30 bro. It's just a fact that you were a great 18 year old character. You weren't meant to be a serious character actor in mature films. But I do relate. My 30th birthday was my toughest, big time. I was 29 until my 35th birthday.

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