Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels: Cocaine & Crude (Full Length)

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VICE founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Mexico to see the effects of cartel oil theft firsthand.

Mexico’s notoriously violent drug cartels are diversifying. Besides trafficking narcotics, extorting businesses, and brutally murdering their rivals, cartels are now at work exploiting their country’s precious number one export: oil.

Every day as many as 10,000 barrels of crude oil are stolen from Mexico’s state-run oil company, Pemex, through precarious illegal taps, which are prone to deadly accidents. Pemex estimates that it loses $5 billion annually in stolen oil, some of which ends up being sold over the border in US gas stations. As police fight the thieves, and the cartels fight each other, the number of victims caught in the battle for the pipelines continues to climb.

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27 thoughts on “Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels: Cocaine & Crude (Full Length)

  1. can you imagine if canadians didn't have the United States next door to protect them…lol…how quickly would the harsh realities of this brutal world…would wipe the smug dork smirks off canadians stupid faces overnight…

  2. I doubt that "Constitutional reforms" will end the company's 75 year monopoly aka "nationalization." With an incumbent Socialist Presidente…there is zero chance of the company being de-nationalized and any private investment coming in from outside the country. Years ago, Venezuela nationalized all their banks and industries…now look at what a shithole they have. The Mexican Citizens who elected a Socialist President are the exact type of people we need to KEEP OUT of the United States. They are either naive or politically ignorant….and we definitely don't want them coming here and gaining the right to vote and influence OUR elections.

  3. At 13:00 minutes when they were in the middle of nowhere they said it was hot and they had to move, all I say is wow is the corruption ever bad, they can bring in a heat sensitive radar and see anyone in a 5 mile radius EASY, obviously they don’t want to, corruption at its finest.

  4. well the guy that lost 10 family members you can tell he is a upper drug lord in that town cause they are the only ones that build big ass places for their dead family members like that. so no big surprise he didnt want to be on camera.

  5. Gee and ya'll wonder why we want a fucking wall? Did ANYONE else see what those Zetas do to their enemies? No? Ya'll close your eyes and shut your ears during that part?


  6. Lopez Obrador aka AMLO is the communist-evangelical puppet virtual prejidente of the Cartels ( The Zetas cartel, created, trained, armed and financed by the CIA and Mosssad ) Mexico's enemies.
    AMLO is a traitor…

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