JRE MMA Show #22 with Bas Rutten

Joe is joined by UFC Heavyweight Champion & three-time King of Pancrase world champion, Bas Rutten.

44 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #22 with Bas Rutten

  1. If they’re gonna start a new mma sport or a variation of it I say you strip everything. I guess I say I have a purist stand point but get rid of the gloves get rid of the cages maybe a pit or a ring. The only problem that would be a turn off I see is perhaps the cuts and blood cuz there would be a lot 😂 especially with bare knuckles and elbows. I would love to see that sort of style or rules in mma

  2. The good all days, so nice to hear how it was in the 90s… Bas Rutten is lucky to have gone true that.
    Bas Rutten is back…. i wish he would talk more about his fight in Sweden with the guards?
    See his first match

    and see all his matches on OfficialBasRutten
    youtube website.. nice memories to have. The Shamrock matches are the best in my opinion
    Bas Rutten is amazing in these pink shorts:)

  3. Bas Rutten – the best MMA commentator …. "Woooow!" "Ohhhh!"
    He really is great! I enjoy listening to his comments as much as I enjoy watching Fedor kick ass! In fact, I don't want to hear any other comemtator if Fedor is fighting.

  4. 2 serious commentators personalities in the sport. "K Connor can throw 4 kicks no more, Mayweather has to grow half an inch in height at 40 then its fair" lets get it on!
    Its weird MMA is losing fans.??
    At this point every time Mc'mouth is brought up true fans just have to refocus on serious fighters, fights, rankings.

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