VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May, 27 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Ukraine’s military attacks rebels who seized an eastern airport, heavy rain makes life harder for South Sudan’s displaced, seven American states are suffering severe drought, and Mexican ads encouraging breastfeeding are anything but well-received.

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Military Launches Air Strikes Against Pro-Russia Separatists
The rebels had stormed Donetsk airport in the country’s embattled east. Read more:

Thousands Lack Basics to Endure Rainy Season
Refugees cope with leaky roofs and standing water, worsening already dire conditions in the camps.

Seven States Experiencing Severe Drought
At the top of the list, more than 60 percent of California is completely parched.

Breastfeeding Campaign Draws Heavy Criticism
Women’s groups say the ads, which feature glamorous models, is sending the wrong message.

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23 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May, 27 2014

  1. I live in Kansas, shit seems fine to me. I haven't seen the price of vegetables go up, however bacon has gone up 2x it's original price due to significant pig population decrease.

    All in all I don't know what they are talking out with the whole "Drought Like Conditions."  Oh well you can't trust every news outlet.

  2. A serious question to people who are against public breastfeeding. WHY do you give a shit? Just why? Do you even know what a limited schedule some working mothers have you judgmental pricks? It's funny how everyone against public breastfeeding is a man. Because men will never even face such an issue. Oh, and please spare me the ridiculous answers like: "Then I should be able to get my dick out anywhere I want" No. Breastfeeding has a fucking purpose. Your tiny dick hanging out in public does not.

  3. What would happen if all Sudanese people were eliminated? Tough question, but they want ever stop fighting and their are poor people in the US. Perhaps we should give a shit here before that nonsense.

  4. Cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas are going to have serious problems in the future as the Southwest runs out of water (some experts predict Las Vegas could be done by the middle of this century). Added on to that, these droughts are causing massive wildfires and resulting millions of dollars of property damage. US scientists need to take a good long look at the Southwest and figure out just what the hell we can do to stop these trends.

  5. Sensationalist advertising strategy trends are a virus. Someone oughtta fire that hipster copywriter. Probably trying to be cool and disruptive in his/her brainstorming-thinking of an ad award. It totally misled the message from breastfeeding to just cheap hot tits. And totally missed its target audience. What a dolt.

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