Joe Rogan Experience #1077 – Johann Hari

Johann Hari is a writer and journalist. He has written for a number of publications including The Independent (London) and The Huffington Post and has written books on the topic of the war on drugs, the monarchy, and depression, in an accessible and non-technical style. His new book “Lost Connections” is available now.

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  1. I agree that the "it's a chemical imbalance" line from doctors is total bullshit. If it were true, then why can't we get our levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc checked like we would for other medical checks (ie. blood sugar checks, thyroid levels, hormone levels, etc). It's stupid when doctors make that off the cuff remark because it's not currently quantitatively measurable. On top of that the medications they prescribe are like throwing a dull dart at a small dartboard, blindly. I'm not putting down doctor prescribed psychotropic medications as they work for some, but finding the right one can have its own quite damaging detrimental effects in the process.

  2. Joe doesn't understand how difficult it is for poor people to improve their lives. He thinks that just because he was successful, that means everyone can be successful.

  3. I gotta talk some since in to this a whole everything this guy has said is completely true these drugs are always gonna be here just like weed joe but the only thing drugs do is mask the problem or in other words help you cope with the fucking problem joe you just don't know what your talking about an are completely wrong lol. its like ppl that get off the drugs if they don't fix the root problem they will prob relapse.

  4. Joe’s awesome and I appreciate all of the great ideas he brings to his audience. His tone does seem a little different with this guest and I’m not really sure why. Great guest with valid ideas about mental health issues.

  5. This dude is an idiot that spits out fact after fact instead of thinking critically. He sounds smart but he's not. He def doesnt understand opiod addiction. People going thru serious therapy and gettin pain killera dont get addicted while their in pain. It's the loads of pills that they are given when they go home. They take them shem theyre not in pain bc it makes them feel euphoric. Then they get addocted. Meaning in life has a lot to do w it but u cant lump all people into that category. This giy is very vague amd just believes the facts he wants to believe, instread of thinking for himself. Annoying.These opiods are so powerful. They take over the most primative part of ur brain and once ur addicted it becomes more important than food, that throws life meaning out the window dumb fuck. U really have no clue about addiction, i think it's a lie that u have family addiction. Ur clueless.

  6. Joes only experience with addiction is choosing to stop playing Quake lol. I hate seeing someone who won the lottery tell you how you should just shut up and keep playing until you win the lottery. Worst JRE podcast since he had that SJW dude on.

  7. LMAO! I'm watching this podcast while I'm at work to pass the time. Although, what better way to spend my work day watching YouTube videos while at a 6 figure salaried job. Life's pretty damn good.

  8. Anyone know what Hari did? He was fired for plagiarising quotes of other journalists, and for editing critics Wikipedia pages. Completely discredited as a journalist. Rogan is the sane one in this discussion, weirdly.

  9. WE GET IT YOU WROTE A FUCKING BOOK.!!!Do you have to keep giving the title? FUCK. Oh I see you're trying to subconscious ly trying to get us to buy it. i don't want anything to do with this guy because he won't shut up with the title of his goddamn book.

  10. Whats up with Joe being such a contrarian ? Like is he trying to put him on the spot to get more info ? Or just being pissy ? I`m confused, not your typical Joe, maybe he`s hungry and edgy =))

  11. Ll tgese people saying joe was arguing with this guy or didnt give him a chance are soft as cookie dough and dont know how a conversation work and are probably gay and thus wanna find an issue or are not gay and thus wanna find an issue

  12. Joe sounds like he's done some college or self educated himself. He's pretty smart. His shows get deep quite alot. I can sense his inner nerd. Being dumb isn't cool…I think he knows this.

  13. Joe Rogan needs to have James Howard Kunstler on to dig deeper into the societal issues that lead to depression:
    quote: “the immersive ugliness of the built environment in the USA is entropy made visible. It indicates not simple carelessness but a vivid drive toward destruction, decay and death: the stage-set of a literal “death trip,” of a society determined to commit suicide. Far from being a mere matter of aesthetics, suburbia represents a compound economic catastrophe, ecological debacle, political nightmare, and spiritual crisis — for a nation of people conditioned to spend their lives in places not worth caring about.”

  14. I do not know if this is just me, but saying to a depressed person you should just do what you makes you happy is like saying to a drowning man to learn to swim. WTF. When you are depressed you can't find any joy in life. You do not have the will to take a shower let alone look for another job. You feel like you are completely useless and there is no way you will ever achieve anything. HOW THE FUCK do you expect a person in that state to change his life. He is barely able to keep it together without ending it all. And the advice to leave the job is impossibly bad advice. For some people the “grind” of going to work is the only thing that is keeping them at least functioning. Go and look at what happens to a depressed person when he loses his job that he hated.

  15. 1:20:00 Oh man… I love doing pottery, I would prefer doing that over my current numbing job AND I'm listening to this podcast while at work so I'm not dying from boredom. Amazing.

  16. All yoi people who see implementing social reforms is going to end capitalism are seriously not understanding….capitalusm thrived during the time when the rich were taxed at 90% college was cheap … Unions were strong and social security unemployment welfare and government jobs was implemented…the greedy monopolists have been eroding yhis since the beginning…we dont want to destroy capitalusm…we want to bring back the gains made by regulating it…socialism is not a different way…it is merely the check and balance to capitalism to keep it from destrying itself…humanity and the world…its about bringing back balance

  17. I think the idea of hyperactivity and not staying focus in school goes on the other end of the spectrum too. I always enjoyed learning and had a somewhat "easy" time in school. I'm the kind of person who can read the textbook and that's the best I way I learn. So I would end up being bored in some classes because it didn't want to focus on things I didn't need to. I definately excelled in classes that were directly tied to my interests – literature, art, music, etc. But there were the classes I needed to take to be able to go to the university I wanted to. The college I go to is big so there is such a wide variety of classes. The high school I went to was very small so there was not a variety at all. Being able to take classes that seem interesting and are about things you want to learn about definately helps with focus and the drive to want to learn. (Also, I have had dreams WHILE being in college about having to go back to high school)

  18. I listened to this episode with great interest, and at first I was very impressed by Mr. Hari. No doubt that he is on to something true, that depression cannot simply be explained by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that it represents deeper issues.
    But as I listened further to his talks, I discovered he has an ulterior motive. He claims that "giving a cow" to the farmer was the best anti-depressant possible. But what is he really advocating here? that we give EVERYONE a "cow"? Who is going to pay for all those "cows"? Surely, in order to afford that we would need to nationalize and redistribute all private property! And so with a slight of hand, Mr. Hari is in fact advocating for Communism. He doesn't really care about depression, what he really cares about is confiscation.
    No wonder Hillary Clinton endorsed his book!

  19. Joes gettin hella heat. I see your all's perspective. He is a little off this episode, but he always plays devils advocate, and his lack of understanding adds to the conversation. He's asking questions that other people may want to ask. Johan is Johanalso great at responding. That back and forth is what allows for more information to be discovered. If Joe only agreed with Johan, it would just be a boring data dump.

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