Joe Rogan Experience #822 – Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen is a retired mixed martial artist who last competed in the light heavyweight division of the UFC. He also hosts his own podcast called “You’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen” available on iTunes.

41 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #822 – Chael Sonnen

  1. Dude something is up every time I try and watch Joe Rogan Experience Podcast it starts skipping and will skip no matter where I put it in the video it doesn't do that on any other video on any other app on anything on my phone

  2. I do love Jon Jones, but the thing with the hit-and-run incident is unmanly and unkind. He needs to show courage and just like Chael said he needs to just own up to his mistakes, And track down the lady e hit and make things right, and if she’s not taken and is hot maybe give her some of that black D.

  3. We don't need representative government because of social media I know this is not what he meant but I just tried to imagine a world run by social media and it wasn't good

  4. I wholeheartedly believe Chael’s secondhand story about Jones hiding under the ring. I know he’s an exquisite storyteller, but there’s just too many details there and they all fit in too perfectly. That happened, people.

  5. I love the fact that Chael β€œmakes notes” throughout their conversation with that pen in his hand so he can back up and discuss points with Joe that he finds important. I mean, the man wants to have meaningful conversations… how much more could you ask for out of a talk show? (That IS what JRE is, after all)

    The man understands business.

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