We Spoke to the Man Who Blew the Whistle On Alleged Sex Cult Inside NXIVM (HBO)

The story of alleged cult NXIVM has all the makings of a binge-worthy docuseries. A secretive leader who allegedly had women branded with his initials, wealthy heiresses who helped finance the organization, and a Hollywood actress accused of luring in fresh recruits.

But before all that was public, back in 2007, NXIVM, correctly predicting in advance the firestorm of press that lurked ahead, hired Frank Parlato to help with its public relations.

They hoped he might go after detractors of the group accusing it of being a cult. He ended up exposing the story that made the alleged cult famous: that it had a secret sorority that was branding female “slaves” with leader Keith Raniere’s initials.

“I turned on an instant and said this is more than a cult. This is a deadly cult. This is more than a kooky group. This is a crazy group, a criminally insane group and it’s not just Raniere,” Parlato said.

Raniere and actress Allison Mack have since been arrested and face sex trafficking and forced labor charges. Both have pleaded not guilty.

NXIVM denies its a cult and says it’s working with the authorities to demonstrate Raniere’s innocence. Their lawyers wouldn’t comment for this piece.

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22 thoughts on “We Spoke to the Man Who Blew the Whistle On Alleged Sex Cult Inside NXIVM (HBO)

  1. They messed with the wrong person. He was good at his job of being hired to do stuff so of course can turn it back on them. This kind of personality (and I have elements of it myself, the thoroughness etc) is just what you need in these situations.

    The part where people would be paid a fee based on getting someone professionally struck off is absolutely appalling to me. It is a really underhand tactic. Nasty.

  2. Brilliant man at 4:01 truth, the sisters were duped. I read one of them was so happy she got a scarf- a scarf people- awarded by the head dude for her "work" she said she had never worked for naything and was so proud to have that. She could have bought the scarf company lol! So easy to manipulate.

  3. Yeah stone killer so to speak. Now he's exposed not only nexm but the cover up by f. of ny and others ignoring it from higher up.payoffs to hitleries foundations. Rico run by the deep state..hush money ice baby. Wash the money..cha cha cha..oh an the children's schools they ran..they were actually teaching little tiny kids many languages at once..where the kids all Most couldn't speak English to their parents I heard and parents were told not to correct them? Not that they were somehow. Being programmed or train in some way..not mind way..future little happy bots to be controlled? Never.. Psyco I heard..and so many rich liberal idiots ponied up.

  4. Umm yeah Thanks for exposing that sex cult thing that you were part of until they apparently hurt your feelings or whatever? But, I should focus on the fact that you exposed them! How long did you know about this before bringing it to light? Forget that, I shouldn’t have asked that, you did the right thing….eventually. No, no, you exposed them, they were horrible. You were the good guy. How long did you work with them though? No, bad Joe, no! He did the right thing, but, how did he buy that boat? I’d doesn’t matter, he exposed them, did he though? I think he did? Or did he just expose them after they promised him a particular woman and then not giving her to him? Stop it! He exposed them for what they were…a sex cult! Then why does he remind me of the deformed guy in the movie 300? “Raise your shield as high as you can. -Your wrong Leonidas!” He didn’t get what he wanted and then exposed them, woohoo big hero. You can’t prove that, maybe he did simply expose them, he worked for them! I’m simply trying to find out how long he worked for them! Was it a week or was it seven years? Maybe he helped those woman get back their property because he was the one who helped defrauded them out of their properties? He definitely received a million dollars, he didn’t deny that, he said it was payment. Wouldn’t he have a contract letter stating what his job was and what his fee would be? Maybe vice just didn’t show it? Com’ on man! This guy probably heated up that branding iron once or twice! Careful now, this guy is free and knows how to use computers, he’s like Lester on GTA V. Is that what happened Lester? Did Michael, Trevor and Franklin cut you out on a deal and you threw them all under the bus? The very bus they drove over your heart?

  5. These tactics he was hired to do, smash mouth etc. sounds a lot like what Scientology does (see Scientology whistleblower Leah Remini). Thank you to all those who have this knowledge and are willing to put it out there, to risk retaliation. The fact he even mentions the Illuminati in this context is huge. They will soon be exposed too, reference David Wilcock on the subject of exposing the Illuminati.

  6. Lol is it another self help cult? Bc I know about that shit. They take broken people and reprogram them to be "successful" haha no.. if you are broken and you cant help but suck at life, then the last thing you want to do is join a group like this.

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