Joe Rogan Experience #1095 – TJ English & Joey Diaz

T.J. English is an author and journalist known primarily for his non-fiction books about the Irish mob, organized crime, criminal justice and the American underworld. His latest book “The Corporation: An Epic Story of the Cuban American Underworld” is available now.
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.

37 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1095 – TJ English & Joey Diaz

  1. Cubans, Argentines, Irish, Italians in American nationalist crap soup, served by the "smart" JR. Fk off ! When are you going to convict that bunch of war criminals who have killed millions of people in the Middle Far East in the last 50 years? A bunch of poisonous murderous cunts. ..I..

  2. Argentina for the longest time they didnt identified them selfs as Latinos. They thought they were superior than everyone.. They seem themselves as Europeans. Keep in mind they were Nazi supporters..

  3. In all honesty, this is one of the best podcast I have ever heard. Now I must confess I am Cuban, but this hits close to home and is very nostalgic for me and any Cuban who know this. That aside Cubans including myself just love fucking around with people and talking a lot of shit to see how gullible you were.( hablando mierda, corriéndole máquina, muela, or dando chucho) 🤣🇨🇺

  4. People need to educate themselves just a little bit. When you're referring to your average Cuban, Mexican, honduran etc….. Stop calling them "Spanish". they're not.

    Spanish is just the language they speak. Spanish folk are literally white Europeans.

    To give You context, it's like calling a negro 'english' just because he/she speaks English. no.

    Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, German, Norwegian, Italian etc…. are European languages. They were Introduced during colonialist days. Spanish people are white.

    So when you say "the blacks and Spanish were the hardcore gang members!" you're literally saying "the blacks and whites"

    Cubans aren't "Spanish". Tgeres some pure Spanish folk left from the colonial days and many Cubans (and central/south Americans period) are mixed with whites but they're not Spanish.

    Again, saying your average Cuban is Spanish is literally like saying your average negro American is English.

  5. Joey Diaz is full of shit half the time. Joey Diaz has inside knowledge about anything and has connections to every type of shady person imaginable. He also interjects people with something actually interesting to say with his “back in my day” bullshit made up stories

    Plus, how tf does he remember details of these stories when he’s 10 years old?

    He can be annoying. I can’t stand Joey Diaz.

  6. Yo Jersey is powered by corruption you have got to be able to play the game to make it here sure there are a few areas that are straight up but not a lot shot even the governor just got popped for corruption, u better not be from no nicey nice wholesome mid card state and come to Jersey and not know how to play the game cause your going to get eaten alive jack!!!

  7. My friends dad was one of the guys who caught Che he fought in the battle wow! How do I get in contact with TJ I can't find a link online his website ins't up? I want him to talk to my friends dad…

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