Joe Rogan Experience #737 – Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is an American former professional road racing cyclist and 7-time winner of the Tour de France.

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  1. When that large a group of people, a Nation looks up to, stands behind an athlete and he or she is found to be guilty of juicing it's a massive disappointment. I remember so much looking up to Mr Armstrong as a kid. We all used to talk about how awesome it was that he was a cancer survivor and how he was basically unstoppable, unbeatable. His fans and supporters, the nation was truly let down.
    To continue to beat him up about it is wrong, however he will most likely have to deal with for the rest of his life.

  2. Let athlete do cocaine and meth. I KNOW the running back for Watertown high school blaze Eaton was on dope when we played him. They should make it legal. Baseball would actually be entertaining with a team full of tweakers

  3. In my opinion Lance Armstrong only won seven times because he was by far the biggest star in the sport, drawing in both new sponsors and fans. There was a lot of financial incentive. If you go back through his seven wins you'll find examples where he could have lost or been prevented from competing. Without question doping helped Lance perform well in the time trials and mountain stages which became the signatures of his victories, but the peloton or UCI could have prevented Armstrong from winning. Cycling is political.

  4. Man under the circumstances YOU won all & tours!!! I loved watching you. As for where you are now, you gota decent set of balls on you. You're still an inspiration. I feel that you've owned it, are humble & have moved on. We all make huge mistakes at some point in our lives, – It's what we do about it. Great podcast, thanks Joe & Lance.

  5. Fantastic interview!! – really interesting…you do a great job interviewing – questions were spot on…recently become a regular listener of the JRE

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