Fighting ISIS: Emmy-Nominated VICE on HBO (Full Episode)

VICE on HBO is nominated for three Emmys in 2016, including Outstanding Informational Series or Special. For your consideration, VICE and HBO are releasing three full episodes, starting with Fighting ISIS. Fighting ISIS received two Emmy nominations, Outstanding Picture Editing and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Non-Fiction Series.

Emmy voters can cast their ballot through August 29.

VICE on HBO Season 1:
VICE on HBO Season 2:
VICE on HBO Season 3:

The invasion of Iraq was supposed to turn the country into a democracy that posed no threat to the United States, or the rest of the world. Thirteen years later, Iraq has collapsed into three warring states. A third of the country is controlled by ISIS, who have also taken huge amounts of territory in Syria. VICE correspondent Ben Anderson gains exclusive access to the three front lines in Iraq, where Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish forces are fighting for their lives. Anderson visits with the Russian military forces in Syria, meets captured ISIS fighters in Kurdistan, and interviews US policymakers about how the situation in Iraq spun out of control.

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37 thoughts on “Fighting ISIS: Emmy-Nominated VICE on HBO (Full Episode)

  1. Europe is toast! They ALL will be praying to Allah when the green light is given. Thats why we have TRUMP. We need to deport All Muslims and ban mosque in America. It's going to get interesting.

  2. I know many who watch this video didnt understand their language. Are they faking the subtitle or not. Or is this just only a propaganda For something secret. But i belive jurnalism. But not 100%. This world is full of lies. We dont know with who we belive with. But we sure know that something wrong about that situation.

    I dont know. May be i too paranoid. But i like your video

  3. if US doesn't want to have others ISIS they should support those people fight and restoration of their city, this will put the US in the good light, those children who saw their father get beheaded can grow up hating the western countries if they don't helping the refuges in those country, and after the government fully restore if they held democratic election the US need to back down and not interfere with the result

  4. Should of left Saddam alone eh… Maybe let someone else do this. As a u.s. citizen my government leader sicken me and try to lead mse down a shady route butttt I have a heart that I listen to and it is pretty smart not to listen to b.s. 😎

  5. any one notice it took 30000+ men with american air support to remove the jerks of isis with numbers of fighters some where around 3k-5k and still took months. if they would not hate each other could of became something good for that state

  6. This was a great video about the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East; however, I still strongly disagree with the accusations calling Bashar Al Assad a brutal dictator. All of the chemical attacks in Syria have been found to be carried out by terrorist organizations, not by Assad.

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