Joe Rogan Experience #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  1. It would be cool if dr patrick s son would become a totally evil tyrant who would enslave everyone and no one could do anything because that guy was so perfectly nourished as an embryo his brain is un beatable. That would surely make a mother proud

  2. I can't stand the anti-vaxxers AND the pro-Vaxxers. They both reject solid scientific literature that goes against their view. It could very well be that a child became autistic as a result of an immune response from vaccines. But the pro-vaxxers like to pretend that nothing can ever go wrong.

  3. The correlation between leg strength and intelligence is interesting to me, since my legs are short (30") but very strong and my IQ was measured between 125-145 on 3 different tests. I can't imagine what the connection could be.

  4. Hi, thank you for all your podcasts revealing all these life-changing new concepts concerning healthier eating habits. There is a tuber (Tino aka "Bananiac") that has released a video claiming to "debunk" these ideas – basically presenting an argument against the low varb high (saturated) fat diet presented in "The Magic Pill". He does not present anything like the level of scientific information as does Dr Attia, Dr Patrick or Ms Teicholz. Here is the link I would be really interested to see a JRE podcast with Tino and the aforementioned experts discussing this difference of opinion. Tino advertises himself as having a masters degree in nutrition which should make it possible for him and your other guests to clarify the scientific details of each standpoint. ASIDE: I discovered JRE while searching for information on UFC fighers and events. It certainly has inspired me to "look into it".

  5. She decided to just go run long distances on concrete wearing minimalist shoes one day, without easing into it? I though she was smart up to that point. The stupid shit seemingly smart people do blows my mind.

  6. Nike changed the way people run? Wtf. I bet they had all manner of 'scientific' evidence to support their assertions, too, right? Why isn't their a some sort of class action law suit against them from all the people who've suffered joint problems as a result of running in Nike shoes.

  7. 12 cans of diet coke and 8 hours of tv sounds totally legit, or maybe they're projecting their image of their perfect consumer and praying people pay attention.

  8. If the immune response is triggered when your kid gets a shot, it makes sense that their body is going to shift energy resources away from brain development to fire fighting whatever disease the shot is introducing… which means a dumber kid, right? This reduction in cognitive development being amplified the more shots a childs developing brain has to cope with. That makes total sense to me. I would also take a wild guess and say that it's kids from the lowest socio-economic brackets who get these shots. In this situation, 'they' could justify any negative cognitive affects by saying the families were dumb to start with, so there was no detectable deterioration in cognitive ability produced by the shots.

  9. Across the West, only the super rich get good health care, Everyone else is fodder for the health industry to experiment on. If they make you or your children sick, in the majority of cases (Business is a Numbers game) you're not smart enough to prove their products or 'care' was responsible, so they essentially have free reign to do what ever they like, they create new products to fix their own fuck ups and on the cycle goes, with each step along the way generating a cheque for their bank account. Unless you break a bone etc. there should be no reason to ever see a Dr.

  10. ASPERGERS. IS. NOT. A. DISEASE. Also I heard they're taking it out of the DSM- Maybe for this reason! Ignorant and rude. Aspergers = High Functioning Autism = Not a disorder or disease- Many Autism traits are genetically based and part of WHO a person is- Not something that should be "cured." So STOP SAYING THAT-

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