The Generation Lost To The Opioid Crisis | (VICE on HBO Bonus)

The U.S. is suffering from the highest rate of drug overdose deaths on record. Driving this public health crisis is the opioid epidemic, which claims more than 100 lives daily. But as politicians and public health officials grapple over solutions, another crisis is emerging.

VICE’s Isobel Yeung travels to West Virginia to investigate a surge in child welfare cases, as opioid-addicted parents fight to keep their families together.

Watch the full episode now on HBO.

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31 thoughts on “The Generation Lost To The Opioid Crisis | (VICE on HBO Bonus)

  1. I'm native American and they tell us there's something wrong with our culture and that we are trash, stupid, worthless, lazy etc when we have been battling our own problems like this for decades. Not as hilarious when addiction, hopelessness, Death starts hitting close to home.

  2. Legalizing everything is the only solution. But then we couldn't blame white people for central America being shitty. Also, it would require Congress repealing laws… and only Republicans do that so… i guess we just gotta enjoy what we have. It's mostly white people ODing so I'm sure you libtards are ok with that

  3. Perhaps the reason this happens starts from the top down, excessive CEO pay who work for medical insurance companies. All which happens in in many cases for a patient recovery is pain pills. Body scan machines, and brain scan machines, if used, could help determine where a person is developing a medical problem. If a person is wealthy and can afford the best care you get to have these test. If you are a blue collar laborer and you have cancer or another severe medical condition, good luck. So many people go back to work ASAP if they are sick even with terminal illness. Forget about rest pay bills first. Many doctors and employers expect people to work right away. Its not very different in schools either. Our whole medical system is set up for corporate CEO and board of directors to get rich quick. Sadly, doctors and nurses can only do so much when the CEO and insurance agents determines life and death. The doctors put people on pain pills most times because as insurance companies charge more and cover less. People have to live in pain with bad medical situations because medical care so, so expensive and out of reach for many working families.

  4. The War on Drugs 2.0 (because the last war on drugs has gone stale). This time we're going after pain patients that are looking for relief. I couldn't even get opioids prescribed when I was passing a large kidney stone, and I almost never take painkillers. I don't drink or smoke either. The urologist was just like "well it suck to be you, but I'm not risking my license by easing your pain". These drug seekers are just making life miserable for people that actually need painkillers. Tylenol wrecks your liver over time and NSAIDs don't always cut it.

  5. Not that I don't consider this a medical emergency but I am a little confused so forgive me. If we're going to call the middle american opioid addiction outbreak a national crisis, why did we never and why can't we now call inner city drug addiction the same type of emergency? I am having a pretty hard time understanding the difference and if anyone would care to (politely) explain why one is a health issue and the other a criminal justice matter, I would be very appreciative.

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