JRE MMA Show #14 with Matt Brown

Joe Rogan sits down with the current UFC Welterweight fighter Matt Brown.

20 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #14 with Matt Brown

  1. What really annoys me in JRE podcasts is that Joe can't listen. He likes to interrupt his guest by telling some "interesting story" and looking for funny videos on youtube to complete that story. It gets really annoying when the guest is a really interesting person and starts to talk about something special when all of a sudden Joe comes in with what he has read or heard about that. Nevertheless JRE podcasts are good and interesting, especially with people like Matt Brown who went through many things.

  2. Someone may have already beat me to it, some may have already have known this, old news. This guy reminds me of Ryan Reynolds, not necessarily Ryan Reynolds himself, more of a character he would portray.

  3. Respect in every way…Hatebreed, Full Blown Chaos and Terror helped me through some of the worst times in my life. Hardcore (not heavy metal) is all about overcoming the gutter and getting out on top

  4. Joe Rogan, listen to you all the time and I like it, but when it comes to knowledge and facts about countries, culture, a way of life outside the US you are very unknowledgeable and ignorant. "Sovjet" as he calls it (Russia of course) do have professional sports. KHL-hockey, soccer, basketball, M-1 MMA, rugby, and rugby union and volleyball to name a few. I cringe every time he talks about "freedom", social problems, economy or what have you when countries outside the US are mentioned.

  5. enjoyed this conversation, never been much of an mma fan but watching these in-depth interviews of fighters has gotten me to start getting into some of the actual fights.

  6. Wow….just wow, the nonsensical horseshit dogshit bullshit that comes out of Rogan’s mouth….

    Why would a new worldwide language be developed instead of going with the English language which already exists and is already the most widely used language in the world. If not English, why not Spanish or Chinese.
    No reason to be surprised at the shit that comes out of Rogan’s mouth though, I suppose….he’s friends with looneys like Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo, etc.

  7. “I know too much about bullets”.
    Rogan, what do you know about bullets??
    You probably know fuck all….
    It’s entirely possibly for hard cased bullet or even simple ball ammo to go thru tissue and remain in perfect pristine condition.
    Don’t go spewing and promulgating the bullshit that you do, you dumb cunt.

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