VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – March 26, 2014.

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: France’s far right party, Russia’s space program, Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and Syria’s space program.

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France’s Far Right Party Wins A Socialist Stronghold
France’s anti-immigrant National Front party just won an election in Henin-Beaumont — an industrial town that used to be a stronghold of the Socialist party.

Sanctions Impacting Russia’s Space Program
The recent tensions between Moscow and Washington could hinder the US-Russian Space collaboration, affecting NASA’s future role in Space. Read the article on VICE News:

Attacks Highlight Afghanistan’s Fragile Security
The Taliban killed at least six people and left dozens wounded in three separate attacks in Afghanistan, just 10 days before the general elections are set to take place. Read the Article on VICE News:

Syrian Government Announces Space Agency
In spite of a civil war that has torn its country apart for more than three years, the Syrian government has announced plans to start its own Space agency.

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29 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – March 26, 2014.

  1. Putin said "France will become a colony of it's former colonies"? On the face of it that sounds like psycho imperialism. But what's the context? Was Putin actually supporting national independence.

  2.  –   одна  пропаганда  путина  –  какой  путин  видите  ли  хороший  .  путин  –  вор  !  он  наворовал  больше  всех  западных  инвесторов  вместе  взятых  !  привет  кабаевой  !!

     kto  ho4et  v  skype  conference  ?  pogovvorit'  golosom  !!

  3. I know that your employees are human beings, and therefore do not work 7 days a week, but I won't if you don't have some people who could put together capsules on the weekend as well, so that this could be truly "daily" coverage of news.

    tl;dr: moar on weekendz pl0x!

  4. Space-X has a capsule ready to go.  Right now it's still in the testing phase, but is used to carry supplies to the ISS.  If putin cut off our access to Soyuz capsules we could use the Dragon.

  5. When the French want to elect a government that actually stands up to their interests, then they are labeled extreme far right, fascist and nazis?

  6. "racist and anti-semitic rhetoric"

    that's it, that is all that needs to be said to ruin someones reputation, VICE news is just another biased news agency,

  7. Anti-immigration racism will always be more prevalent in socialist countries like France because illegal immigrants can utilize "free" social services without having the ridiculous tax rate that it takes to fund these inefficient government programs forced upon them. Socialist countries will continue to get worse and worse until it turns into full blown Nazism, like it has in Greece with its golden dawn party.

  8. im sure everyone knows that VICE is part of the right wing conspiracy in the united states & canada. that being said i cant decide if these series of daily videos is unbiased news reporting or the more likely case fear mongering aimed towards x & y generations. can you tell?

  9. Syria's plans to have a 'Space Agency' (quote marks for a reason) is completely absurd. I know that it's not the Syrian government that are terrorists/corrupt (supposedly), but the groups who occupy Syria, allowing them the ability to send so called 'rockets' into space isn't the best of ideas.

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