VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – September 12, 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Liberia’s motorbike taxis could be fostering ebola’s deadly grip, hundreds of thousands in Spain’s Catalonia region demand independence vote, Mexican authorities find and destroy country’s first known coca plants, and new rules regulate British defense staff’s contact with the media.

Motorcycle Taxis May Be Facilitating Ebola Transmission
World Health Organization warns bikes are rarely disinfected between rides and could spread the virus further.
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Catalans Demonstrate in Support of Independence Vote
A government poll found that more than half in the enclave would vote to secede.

Authorities Destroy Country’s First Ever Coca Plants
Coca is native to South America’s Andes region, but experts say it is a resilient plant and can survive any place climate conditions are right.

New Ministry of Defense Rules Regulate Outside Contact
​Members of armed forces and civilian staff must keep the department informed on all conversations with press, academics, unionists and others.​
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22 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – September 12, 2014

  1. I really hope Catalonia gets the chance for a real referendum like Scotland has. The reason they wont though is because the horrible treatment they get all around Spain means an almost certain yes vote. Try not kicking your kids if you don't want them to grow up and punch you in the face.

  2. Just though It look it up and it seems Catalonia is about the size of Maryland it's so weird to realize that many of our states are bigger than many countries.
    Btw just some comparisons cause I though it was interesting.
    Catalonia: 12,399 sq miles (32,114 km²)
    Maryland:  12,407 sq miles (32,133 km²)
    U.K.:         94,058 sq miles (243,610 km²)
    Arizona:    113,998 sq miles (295,254 km²)
    Spain:       195,364 sq miles (505,992 km²)
    Alaska:      663,300 sq miles (1.718 million km²)
    U.S.A        3.794 million sq miles (9.827 million km²)
    Europe:     3.931 million sq miles (10.18 million km²)
    Russia:      6.602 million sq miles (17.1 million km²)

  3. Divide et impera or divide ut regnes – Divide and rule – our ancestors say and apply this strategy very very well.
    In one day all of you stupid secessionists will regret, what do you expect will happen after secession ? Do you think others will defending you when a war will start (you hope Nato will do this for you no ,becouse EU defence is shit based on NATO in fact on USA / Canada army   maybe you wrong , think again) maybe will do but im shure  will come with blackmail or huge costs ? Freedom and security have a huge price when threat are nearby when war is coming.  Do you think as a small state will have enough power to fight against superpowers or large states, or will have power to negotiate ? You like any other fools like Scotland and others will doesnt matter if a war will start if a power will decide to annexing you , or even in business !
     Im born in Europe and i live in Europe , i always wonder how naive ignorant and stupid can be some europeans ,in fact thats why happen WW2 becouse some europeans doesnt care what happen with others doesnt react as long they living well,  thats why Hitler fuck you all and after you scream for help to US Canada and Stalin USSR (another monster) US Canada have no reason to involve at least but finally help europeans – maybe afraid of  Hitler . What a shame – really europeans deserve to die becouse too many are stupid, never learn history and always repeat same mistakes over and over thats why history repeat . I always ask why europeans dont unite and make one state – without stupid national shit ego proud, with one language, one justice,one army , one strong defence (european army not NATO)  without borders inside as we all claim to have same values – well i find you all secessionists form all over Europe are too stupid , too egoists, too indoctrinated, too greedy , care just about your small shit your dirty business,  to be leader even small one to control some brainwashed people , you are unable to evolve . What happen in Ukraine now prove Europe as union doenst exist , every country care about their shit profit , business , about gas – but what you will do if Putin will decide continue to test to put presure to see how far can go in Europe ? If others will see these more and more divided states and think why not try to invade and conquer ? Many think this could never happen – but the same happen with Hitler , nobody see he prepare to conquer whole Europe and even more – his plan wasnt wrong as long you are too stupid, too blind to see whats next .
    Hope history will give another hard lesson to Europe countries maybe some of you will learn it after ! Soon or later all of these pieces , small countries will be under control under influence or invaded conquered annexed by a giant large state – is rational logic and natural.
    East Germany and West Germany unite after 1989 after WW2 destruction, after decades of separation , others like Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia divide, split, breakup in pieces – smart move indeed , seems Spain and UK are next – indeed very smart ,who will be next ? Italy ? France ? …Europe will ended up with thousands of small shit "countries" "state" unable to working together, unable to defending – easy to invade to conquer by hordes of primitives like ISIL , red empire or other future empire

  4. Catalan problem goes deeper. Sorry to y'all that never lived there and have so many opinions. I'm born and raised there. I grow up under a super hostile anti catalan dictator that basically  killed 1/2 of my family just because we spoke another language and had another traditions. I grow up listening my grandparents speaking catalan between them but speaking to us in spanish just to "protect us". We used to be lecture about don't use much catalan around or you'll get in trouble. I remember going on vacations to other places in spain where people will call us "polish" (as if we spoke polish language instead of catalan) as a way to talk down on us catalan people. My grandparents were fined and persecute by police every time that some neighbor  thought to call on us for speak catalan…………..I'm not that old…….WE JUST WANT TO VOTE…..if the most part of catalan people wants to stay with spain….well, we will have to….but will be good to know so we have some peace and move on

  5. pues si los catalanes nos manejamos tan mal……dejadnos ir…por que no queremos estar con vosotros los españoles . Y ademas para entender hay que haber nacido alla….y haber visto los abusos de los españoles a todos los niveles….pero lo peor es que no pudieron alienar nuestra lengua y costumbres como se propusieron…..

  6. Why don't Europe just break up to 100 tiny kingdoms like it used to be and be conquered by big countries easily… Europeans have nothing else to protest about, and now they want their little provinces to be independent. . .

  7. Mexico, no! Coca exists for a reason! We botch it by synthesizing, extracting, and chemically mixing it with other things; but the leaf itself helps with altitude sickness, it gives energy when rubbed on the skin–. It serves much greater purposes than being violently addictive! ><   Don't try to destroy what's natural! Destroy the abuse of it!

  8. Would Catalonia being an autonomous region that's a part of Spain be a good compromise for the issue? I have not researched the issue and I'm just going by what I saw in the video. Excuse my ignorance.

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