Joe Rogan Experience #1099 – Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller “Sex At Dawn” and he also hosts a podcast called “Tangentially Speaking” available on iTunes & Stitcher. His latest book “Tangentially Reading” is available now:

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  1. Speaking of Canadians being a little too nice.. I remember standing outside of a bar once talking to a guy who just moved from Canada. A homeless guy asked for change and I said sorry I can't, I really can't afford to give money to anyone who asks nor do I want to pick and choose who does and doesn't deserve my charity. Anyway, the Canadian guy asked him where he's from, got friendly, basically showed me up in humanity. Then he gave the dude a five dollar bill, put out his cigarette, and walked off. At the time I felt like such an asshole but later I realized, his weird Canadian ego was based on being nicer than me. It sounds so noble, but I bet two weeks later, giving everyone on the street who asks for money a fiver it started making a dent in his wallet, and he had to start rationing his generosity to those he liked more than others, judging others, or just stopped altogether. So whos the asshole now, its called living in the city.

  2. Yeah, "peace" is not there at all when you die. It is the most unnerving claustorphobic feeling you ever will experience. Drugs dont help because you brain shoots adrenline in your brain and you are awake in a coma. This is why meditation is so important to make you relaxed at you last moments. it takes work to be zen and not freak out. No matter what peace is non reality. do the work.

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