VICE News Daily: Mexico Deploys Drones to Fight Turtle Poaching

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: The British ambassador is coming back to Tehran, hostages escape an Islamic militant group in the Philippines, Afghanistan promises to eradicate polio, and Mexico defends its turtle eggs.

UK to Reopen Embassy in Tehran
Britain downgraded relations in 2011 after protesters stormed the ambassador’s residence.

Hostages Escape Islamic Militants
The radical group Abu Sayyaf took the men along with a village leader in May.

Polio to Be Eradicated by 2015
More than 70,000 doctors and volunteers carried out prevention work on nearly eight million children this summer.

Drones to Fight Turtle Egg Poaching
A recent surge in stealing the alleged aphrodisiacs occurred on two beaches in Oaxaca.

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38 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Mexico Deploys Drones to Fight Turtle Poaching

  1. How is Turtle Poaching more important than the UK Embassy reopening? Or Afghanistan vowing to end the disease Polio by the end of the year? Or even the Hostages in the Philippines escaping the Islamic Militants? Vice News you need to learn what Click-Bait means.

  2. El problema es que se gastan lo que es de el pueblo para ellos ( gobierno ) den ayuda a esa gente para que deje de comer y traficar tortugas, yo se que no es forma de salir adelante pero esa gente lo hace por pobreza.

  3. i support droning poachers.. filthy bastards are destroying our ecosystem, and to be frank that should be considered a very serious harsh crime… if a poacher is caught poaching repeatedly he should be executed on the spot… but try not to hurt the poor turtles as you do so ;(

  4. I live in England. England is not the same as the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a sovereign state, whereas England is the most populous region of the UK, which has the confusing title of a constituent 'country' despite not being sovereign. Philipp Hammond is the British Foreign Secretary Testtube ffs

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