Al-Qaeda Hospital Massacre In Yemen

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On December 5, 2013, in an attack that went largely underreported by the world’s media, al Qaeda gunmen, dressed in government military uniform, casually slaughtered 52 innocent civilians in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital. The Al-Oradi hospital sits within the same compound as the Yemeni ministry of defense, where al Qaeda alleged that drone strikes were directed from. Instead of targeting the ministry, however, the attackers killed the security guards manning the side gate of the hospital, then spent hours calmly stalking its corridors, shooting doctors, nurses, and even patients lying in their beds. In grim pictures captured by surveillance cameras, one gunman is seen approaching a group of terrified hospital staff. At first they don’t flinch, and almost seem to be awaiting instructions, until the attacker reveals a hand grenade, pulls out the pin, and tosses it at them as if he were throwing a ball to a puppy.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) usually avoids targeting civilians and even provides some form of governance in the small areas they control in Yemen. This goes some way to explaining why it enjoys some level of support in this war-torn country. But when this footage was aired on national TV, even AQAP supporters were horrified, and it was compelled to make an apology. In a video statement, its military leader, Qasim al-Raymi, acknowledged “our mistake and guilt,” claiming that the nine attackers had been ordered not to enter the hospital. He continued: “We offer our apology and condolences to the victims’ families. We accept full responsibility for what happened in the hospital and will pay blood money for the victims’ families.” Al-Raymi added: “We are continuing our jihad.”

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25 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda Hospital Massacre In Yemen

  1. attacking a local hospital that treats everybody including your own group's fighters is just insane and evil. american drone strikes with civilian casualties may turn locals towards al qaeda, but this hospital massacre should turn locals against them even more.

  2. I must say. The people in the comments is either insulting Islam or Defending Islam. Terrorism is not Islam. For all you Ignorant People, American or others, May Allah have Mercy on your Souls on the day of Judgement.

  3. Islam is a particularly interesting religion. The religion dictates that you must kill nonbelievers . How do you think the world will feel about Muslims and Islam. We are afraid of these demented people. Kill yourselves but leave us infidels alone. Let God judge us. He doesn't need your help.

  4. You people blaming Islam for this are funny, the people they attacked were majority Muslims too and I don't see anyone blaming Christianity for the KKK actions. Islam IS a religion of piece believe it or not it's just that some people in the Middle East are fucking ignorant and twist the word of Allah.

    They make me as a muslim look bad I hate to say I'm a muslim in public because of AL-Qaida's actions, I hate terrorists more than all of you muslim haters.

  5. I'm an American atheist, and am the first to condemn Islam, but I know for a fact that if the world had left their countries alone and didn't try to remove and replace dictators to give them oil and opium, then the Middle East would be a much more peaceful place than it is now. Religious extremism is only popular over there because it's a shit hole, people are dying everyday, living standards are horrible, and people look to religion when things seem bleak. So the religious extremists use the misery of the people to get recruits for their agendas. Our militaries being there, us manipulating the political arena, extracting resources, supporting Saudi Arabia, and giving Islamic groups weapons to fight our wars is the major cause of all this horror. Of course just leaving won't solve things overnight, too much damage has been done and now we're all paying the price for allowing our governments and corporations to destroy the Middle East and it's probably too late to right things. All this politically correct guilt stroking going on here is also making things worse.

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